This is the first of what will be a long series of reviews on the best Puerto Rico beaches and also the best of all Puerto Rico has to offer.

I lived on the island of Puerto Rico for 10 years and if you want to learn the best of the island you should read my review articles on the island of Puerto Rico.

Im going to start my review articles with the pride of the island… PUERTO RICO BEACHES!

Puerto Rico has 300 miles of coastline and most all of those 300 miles are beautiful beaches and most people who visit the island miss the best of these beaches because they don't know where to find them but I am going to introduce you to these classic beaches.

Puerto Rico participates in a program called the Blue Beach Program.

In order for a beach to qualify as a blue flag beach the beach must meet the flowing criteria…

Information about bathing water quality must be displayed.

A code of conduct that reflects appropriate laws governing the use of the beach must be displayed.


The beach must fully comply with the water quality sampling and frequency requirements

No industrial, waste-water, or sewage disposal discharges should affect the beach and swimming area.

The local authority/ beach operator must comply with all regulations affecting the location and operation of the beach.

The beach must be clean.

Facilites for the separation of recyclable waste materials should be available at the beach.

An adequate number of restroom facilities must be provided at the beach.

The restroom facilities must be kept clean.

All buildings and beach equipment must be well maintained.

Coral reefs in the vicinity must be monitored.

First aid equipment must be available.

A supply of drinking water should be available.

Below is a list of Blue Flag Puerto Rico Beaches.


ISLA VERDE BEACH is about three miles east of the airport and there are endless water activities available including Parasailing, jet ski rentals, boat rentals and much more. Isla Verde also has many world class casinos, nightclubs, beach bars and restaurants and is a favorite among locals and tourists.


LUQUILLO BEACH is east of Isla Verde Beach and is one of the top beaches of the island. With Crystal clear water and plenty of activities it is also a local favorite and tourist facorite.There are camping facilities available at Luquillo Beach also.

Luquillo Beach is 25 miles east of the airport on the north east shore of the island.


SEVEN SEAS BEACH if on the far east section oif the island and is managed by the Puerto Rico National Parks company. It is a registered an monitored turtle nesting site and is perfect for swimming with clear, calm waters and there ar two coastal lagoons nearby,Laguna Grande to the east and Laguna Aguas Prietas to the west. Lagunas Grande is known worldwide for its bioluminescent waters and is a "must see" for all visitors to the island.


BOQUERON BEACH is located on the southwest part of the island. The sandy white beach is over a mile long with clear, calm turquoise waters and is perfect for swimming.

It is a great family beach with picnic tables, gazebos, handicap facilities including access to the water. There are plenty of accommodations, a cafeteria, restrooms, and lots of palm trees for shade.


PUNTA SALINAS BEACH is a beach formed by a sand tombolo which connects the offshore island to the mainland. The beach has multiple eco-systems, like a rocky coast and a coastal forest with a beautiful walking trail through the forest.

Each of these Blue Flag Beaches are excellent beaches and are unique in their own way, Puerto Rico has many other incredible beaches which I will be writing extensively about in upcoming review articles here.