There is no easy way to lose weight besides following the eat less, exercise more truth behind weight loss.  And when you are trying to find the best way to exercise more you must find an exercise program that is right for you, your body type and your schedule in order to be successful and meet your weight loss goals.  The P90X and the Insanity workout DVDs are two workouts that are currently available on the market that can help you met your goals.  Here are the stats on each one so that you can choose the best one for you.

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PX90 workout DVD

The P90X workout is a ninety day workout designed by fitness instructor Tony Horton that is meant to guide you through both your exercise regime and your daily menu to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.  The basic DVD kit comes with 12 DVDs with a variety of work outs, an introductory DVD to help you to get familiar with the system, a nutrition plan and menus split into 3 thirty day phases, a detailed fitness guide for the P90X program and finally a calendar to help you track your progress through the P90X system of workouts.  There are deluxe and ultimate kits available as well that have additional tools and supplements to help you reach your goals.  The workouts on the DVDs have three focuses including strength training, cardio exercises to raise your heart rate and finally core work and yoga.  The workouts target specific body areas like chest and back, shoulders and arms or back and biceps giving you the chance to focus on individual muscle groups.  There are also DVDs for just cardio and stretching and yoga as well.  Each workout is specifically designed to push you to your maximum capability and to build strength, stamina and flexibility so that you will look and feel great.

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Insanity Workout DVD

The Insanity workout DVD takes a novel approach to getting in shape and uses a combination of cardio and your own body weight to help you tone up.  The Insanity workout is the exact opposite of the guided workouts you may have done at the gym where you only have brief bursts of intensity.  The Insanity workout has you working at your max cardio effort with very short breaks where you will most likely not be able to catch your breath before the next intense effort.  This approach means that you are always working at your max potential and pushing your capabilities.  The Insanity DVD set comes with two groups of DVDs.  The first set is for the first month of the program and works on plyometrics, upper body, cardio, cardio abs and then a recovery.  Then the next month the workouts move to the max level where you work at max cardio longer and have less frequent break periods.  The entire kit also comes with a wall calendar that helps you to track your progress through the program, a quick start guide, nutrition guide to assist your weight loss goals through the program and help you have the fuel you need to finish and finally free online help is available to all customers who purchase the Insanity Workout DVD program.  To give you extra motivation to work out with the Insanity program the offer you the chance to get an “I Earned It” t-shirt when you submit before and after pictures.

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P90X vs Insanity Workout comparison

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There are several differences between the approaches to weight loss that each of these programs take.  First off, the P90X is a 90 day program while the Insanity runs for 60 days.  Second, the Insanity program focuses on intense cardio work which promotes fat-burning and weight loss throughout the entire program while the P90X takes a whole body approach by building muscle, using yoga and also cardio workouts.  The final key difference is that the P90X uses weights and bands where the Insanity program does not require any additional gear.  Both have a nutrition program to assist with your weight loss needs.  

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When you are choosing a weight loss program it could come down to a battle of the sexes.  The P90X, with its focus on building lean muscle mass, may appeal more to men who want to appear more muscular while still losing weight and toning.  The Insanity workout may appeal more to women as the intense cardio focuses on burning fat and staying more trim.  So, look at what each has to offer and you can find the program that will help you meet your weight loss and conditioning goals.

PX90 vs Insanity
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