As Halloween approaches parents are bombarded with requests from their children about which of their favorite cartoon character costumes they need to buy. Most times it is not just one request but many. And like most other parents you are probably looking to satisfy the wants of your child as well as keeping in mind the limitations of your pocket book. Many of the most popular toddler Halloween costumes are based on cartoons from Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr. which offers several television programs designed for toddlers as well as preschool age children. One of the more popular shows The Backyardigans is one of the cutest and most entertaining cartoons for preschool kids you will ever see. Kids just absolutely love the adorable characters that are always singing and dancing. One of the characters, Pablo the penguin, has grown in popularity to such a degree a costume has been designed to look just like him. This character is outfitted with a bowtie and a propeller hat. The only thing more adorable than one child in a propeller hat and bowtie would be if you were the lucky parents of quadruplets then you could have your very own set of Backyardigans! So if you are looking for a Pablo Halloween costume below you will find three of the cheapest places online to order your costume now.

Toddler Backyardigans Pablo Costume (Size: 2-4T)
Amazon Price: $26.00 Buy Now
(price as of May 20, 2014)

Best Places to Buy a Cheap Pablo Halloween Costume

There are many places you can go get a Pablo Halloween Costume or any of The Backyardigans characters for that matter, one of which is Nickelodeon’s own retail website They carry three different sizes of costumes one for infants, T2 and a bigger sizes that fits kids T2 to T4. Prices range from a little as $17 to as much as $50 depending on the size you get and of course the more expensive ones are the most real looking. These prices do not include shipping which will add about $5 to the cost.

Another good place to start your search at Toys R they carry about the same basic costumes as Nickshop but have a few more sizes available. Their sizes range from 1-6 month to child size small 4-6 so no matter how big or small your little one is they should have the size for you. The prices range from $25 to $30 plus shipping.

One other place you will want to look is at they have the cheapest prices and biggest selection and if you spend more that $25 shipping is free. Amazon even has a Pablo dog costume so if you have a dog and a little one they can be date mates. How cute would that be!

Backyardigans Deluxe Pablo Child Costume (As Shown;Toddler)
Amazon Price: $50.70 $20.00 Buy Now
(price as of May 20, 2014)

Make Your Own Homemade Pablo Halloween Costume

If you are a do it yourself kind of person and love crafts and sewing then you might be interested in making your own costume. You could even let you child help and not only get a great costume but teach them the value of doing things themselves and not just going out and buying everything they need. You can find the direction and list of all the materials you will need at

I hope this information helps with your Pablo Halloween costume search. I also wish you a safe and happy Halloween!