The desire to travel and see the world is one of the most universal desires among people from many different walks of life. At least that seems to be the case in the United States since a large number of people tend to say that if they had more time and money they would take advantage of that freedom to spend some time traveling. Many of us have countries in mind which we have always wondered about and had a desire to visit for one reason or another. Naturally traveling to one of these places is a good way to get started in travel since you will at least have some idea where to start and the people and places you want to visit.

It helps to be flexible when traveling since it often involves some fairly unexpected turns of events. One great way to increase your level of flexibility is to travel lightly by not packing an excessive amount of luggage. Traveling light can mean different things to different folks but you should be able to tell what level of luggage is enough and what level adds to any sense of overwhelm you feel when planning a trip. Carrying less luggage with you on a trip also can decrease the likelihood that you will lose an item or have it stolen since it is easier to keep track of fewer pieces of luggage than many pieces. Personalized luggage tags are also a good way to help keep track of your luggage and find it on the airport conveyor belt regardless how many pieces you travel with.

Some travelers pack very lightweight indeed with just a small backpack while for you packing light may mean one large suitcase and a carry on bag. Some people even attempt to travel with no luggage at all by using vests or jackets designed for the purpose. These jackets have many pockets or compartments for storage and can hold quite a few items but tend to be bulky and uncomfortable when fully loaded. One way you can reduce the amount of luggage you need to take on a trip is to research what items you're likely to need beforehand. Obviously if you are headed to a warm locale there will be little need for heavier clothing and you'll be able to eliminate most of those items from your packing list.

Another factor to consider is what your mode of transportation during the trip will be as well as at your destination. If you will be traveling by bus or plane you'll need to take into account any expected luggage capacity limitations. If you plan to walk a lot to get from one place to another you'll want luggage of a weight and type that is easy to carry for long distances such as a backpack or messenger style bag. For travel to urban areas and a professional environment you'll probably fit in better with a business like rolling travel case or suitcase of some sort. Whatever your destination and planned method of travel enjoy it and pack light!