Packable Rain Jacket


Lightweight, breathable, cheap, useful, waterproof, rain resistant


too thin for heavy rains

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A packable rain jacket can be taken anywhere. The best place to store one is at work, the car, suitcase, backpack, or anywhere else you can think of. It will come in handy, trust me.

People in places like the Pacific Northwest have multiple rain jackets and several lightweight packable ones that are definitely useful during those rainy days. Since the rain comes and goes as it pleases in that region of the country.

These are perfect for hiking trips that can be packed away in a backpack. If it doesn't rain, great. If it does, just pull it out. They weight nothing, so it won't be a burden at all on your back.

For the outdoorsman, choose waterproof protection with packable rainwear & light weight camouflage packable rain gear. Affordable camouflage rainwear ideas include water-proof pants, insulated hunting gloves and more. These items will easily fit in your cargo pockets or packs.

Some other options for these useful rain coats include models of packable waterproof Rain Jackets that fold easily into its own left pocket. Many rain coats like this are 100% nylon and come with taped seams and self fabric pocket bags. Then, other companies add underarm vents for extra breathability. This is a huge plus to keep you dry inside as well. You can open these and get ventilation so you don't get too sweaty.

L.L. Bean has a Women's Trail Model Rain Jacket that's affordable and ideal for backpackers and other outdoorspeople looking for lightweight, packable comfort and protection in any weather. Another great style is a Women Packable Microfiber Rain Jacket which come in 100% waterproof designs that are stylish raincoats as well.

Some great men's Packable Rain Jackets Pack into its own pocket, so you can keep it handy are water-resistant, with sealed seams and adjustable hoods. One example is the Eddie Bauer RipPac Packable Jacket. This ultra-lightweight jacket has what it takes to protect you from the wind and rain. When the weather clears, it packs down super small into one of its lower pockets.

A popular and favorite packable jacket is made of the O2 Rainwear Microporous Film which is a very inexpensive, yet high-performance laminate that has the best combination of water holdout and breathability of any fabric on the market today. This material and company helps golfers to experience outstanding comfort and protection at the same price as non-breathable, rubber, plastic, and PVC-coated garments.

Look online for great deal on these types of great jackets that will be useful in any rain storm.

In Closing

If you need a lightweight jacket that will meet the needs of protecting yourself from freak rain storms, a packable rain jacket is the key. Find one of these rain coats online for cheap and stay dry when the unexpected rains come. You'll be glad you did.