School leavers going to college for the first time don’t usually know what to pack. They are unlikely to leave their laptops, iPads or beauty kits at home but they usually forget about other essentials they may need at campus, like first aid sets and earplugs. This is Mum and Dad’s department after all, so read on to find out what your child should have at hand when you are not around.

Item 1 – Earplugs

Your son or daughter may expect college life to be fun 24/7 but, in fact, it is more about writing essays, brushing up for exams and making projects. It is not so simple to have some quiet time when a roommate is listening to music or a neighbour is throwing a party unless you are using earplugs. If your freshman is good at swimming, ensure there is also a pair of swimming earplugs in their college survival set.

Item 2 – A first aid kit

Away from caring parents, students can become more prone to colds, upset stomachs and sports injuries. Statistics say freshmen visit college health clinics more often than upperclassmen because this is the time when they learn to take care of themselves, though sometimes it takes them more time than you, as a parent, would expect. Ensure your child has pain relievers, thermometers, bandages, antiseptics and stomach support at hand to manage late-night-pizzas, the stress of all-night study sessions and parties till dawn.

Item 3 – Vitamins

Lots of students living on campus have erratic eating habits and tend to binge on foods rich in sugar and trans fats. A lack of vitamins and nutrients can lead to health problems, fatigue and inability to restore quickly after exercise. Multivitamins will not substitute a good diet, but keeping a bottle near, especially for the winter months, is a good idea.

For most teens, college is the first time they will be away from parents for so long. Your son or daughter is probably one of them so make sure they have packed all essential things and are ready for campus life. After all, you have many years’ experience behind your belt.