Being Prepared with The Right Clothes and Bicycle Lights

Cycling holidays are fast becoming a popular choice for families and those that love the sport, but it can only be enjoyed if you remember to take all the right clothing, accessories and bicycle lights. Like any holiday, you need to make sure that you are fully equipped and pack everything you think you are going to need, as well as extras just in case. Whether you are taking a break in the UK, or traveling overseas to enjoy the many cycle holidays on offer, you’ll need to do some shopping beforehand if you don’t already have suitable equipment. Before you go make sure you check the weather for where you are going. This will determine what types of clothing you need to take, although it is advised to take a mixture of everything. It may say warm and sunny for the next 5 days but you just never know! Also make sure that you have chosen comfortable clothing; no one wants to spend their holiday with saddle sores or chafed thighs! If you’re planning on riding for long periods of time, you will also need to take your bicycle lights with you so you can see well after dark.

What Else Do I Need?

As well as making sure you have the essentials I.e. your bike, bicycle lights and cycle clothing, you’ll need to pack other items to ensure you enjoy your holiday. Sun cream and sunglasses are both important items to take on a cycling holiday. If the weather is going to be hot and sunny, cycling for long periods in the heat is not only bad for your skin but also for your health. You need to make sure you wear plenty of sun cream, wear a cap to protect your head and stay hydrated throughout.  Also make sure you take a puncture repair kit; you don’t want to be wheeling your bike around for the rest of the week do you? If you’re going on holiday to take part in a cycling event or race, you may need to take more essentials and all your relevant event documents and information. 24 hour racing is popular all over the world and it is during events like this where not packing your bicycle lights  can prove to be a complete disaster!

Wearing your Cycling Clothing and Using your Bicycle Lights

Cycling shorts are a must for any long distance riding and are most suitable if you will be cycling in hot countries. A comfortable jersey and a light jacket may also be required. If you are planning on cycling somewhere a bit cooler, or perhaps somewhere at an altitude, it is wise to take some thermal cycling clothes with you as well as waterproofs. If you plan to ride during the evenings on your holiday, your bicycle lights will come in more than useful. Just make sure that you bring the charger and spare batteries. The last thing you want is to get all the away there and realised you’ve left the pack on the kitchen table! When you have all the appropriate cycling accessories, you’ll be set up for a fantastic cycling holiday!