There are some people who are extreme planners and plan all their vacations months in advance. Then there are people (like me) who do their planning and packing the night before travel. After missing many essentials in multiple vacations, I have learnt my lesson and have a checklist prepared for the most important items to take on every trip. Also, the tasks I need to complete before going on a long vacation. I always make sure to go through it a day before travel and make sure I have not missed any of the critical items.

Road trips are where you have some wiggle room and can carry some extra luggage when you don't know if you need it or not. However, if you will be taking a flight you always need to think about your baggage. Planning and packing light is always the way to go. 

Here is the complete list of things to pack on any trip:

    1. Brush & Paste
    2. Comb
    3. Moisturizer
    4. Shaving Stuff
    5. Sunscreen
    6. Sunglasses
    7. Medications
    1. Nightdress
    2. Undergarments
    3. Dresses to wear each day
    4. Shoes/sandals
    5. Cap/Scarf
  3. BEAUTY:
    1. Hair straightener/ Dryer
    2. Jewelry
    3. Make up
    1. Camera, batteries and battery charger
    2. Cell Phone and Charger
    3. GPS and Aux Cable for music in-car
    4. Laptop/ iPad and charger
    1. Printout of hotel & car reservations
    2. Car Insurance copies
    3. Health Insurance Cards
    4. Credit Cards
    5. Cash
    6. Quarters for parking
    7. Driver’s License
  6.  SNACKS:
    1. Sandwiches
    2. Cereal Bars
    3. Bananas & apples

Here is a list of things to do before your trip:

  1. If you have pets like fish or plants, ask a trusted friend to take care of it while you are away.
  2. Ask a neighbor to pick up your newspaper so that it does not pile outside your home.
  3. Throw out your trash.
  4. Clean your refrigerator to avoid seeing rotting stuff after you return.
  5. Turn off fans and lights.
  6. Set your out of office in your work email.
  7. If you are running late, be sure to call the hotel and inform them that you will be reaching late. Smaller hotels may not have anyone waiting to give you keys. This way even if you reach late, they can make some arrangements for you to pick up keys.

Have a safe trip!