Now that you have clothes, a way to keep them organized and something to put them in it’s time to move on to your travel packing list for Shoes, Electronics and Gear!


(You Don't Need Them All!)

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There is an insider tip among long-term travelers when packing for a round the world vacation; "A pound on the feet is worth ten in your pack" That is to say that if you wear heavy shoes even if you have a light pack, you will get tired more quickly than with lighter shoes and a heavier pack. Everyone seems to have their own strategy and advise on what shoes to bring on a year long trip, but I am a fan of a waterproof sports sandal that you are comfortable walking in. This will provide both the support to carry a pack as well as being very light weight. If the climate or culture demands a warmer or closed-toed shoe, a comfortable pair of brown or black, lightweight shoes will serve you in almost any circumstance. If you can possibly avoid it, don't take more than one pair when packing for your trip. If you are thinking of bringing hiking boots, refrain! Most world travelers rarely are in a circumstance where they need these and you would hate to carry that weight around in your pack or on your feet!


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When packing for traveling the world for a long time, one of the first things that I always bring is a camera. However extreme your need for saving weight or money, don't leave this behind. I can't stress this enough; if you don't bring a camera you will regret it forever! I travel with a small point and shoot which takes great pictures and I can always carry in my pocket (where it is right now).

Bringing a computer is always a big question for most people packing to travel the world. For an in-depth look, read Should I Take My Computer Traveling Top Tips for Technology and Travel. If you don’t take a laptop, it is really useful to have a  stand-alone picture storage device, a handy little devise that will transfer and store your photos directly from the memory card of your camera.
When traveling without a computer a smartphone can prove handy in doing research and can often replace the need for a travel guidebook.With the abundance of quality travel information on the Internet, having access in some way to the web will be incredibly valuable! Whatever phone you take, make sure it is an unlocked phone designed for use outside the United States. Most phones are easy to unlock, though many smartphones take a little bit more effort. Also, never, EVER use your regular phone on a US plan when traveling abroad. Any other steps you take to save money will be eliminated by roaming costs.

It is easy to over-pack when planning a round the world vacation. Avoid taking to many toiletries when packing for your trip.

Here is what you need:
Toothbrush and toothpaste


Shampoo and soap and clothing detergent and conditioner and hairdryer and body wash and nail polish and bleach, and nail clippers and…Get it?
All of these things will be available for free in hotels or at CouchSurfer's houses. Dr. Bronner’s soap can be shampoo and detergent and dish soap and body wash, and smells nice to boot! Really, I take it everywhere! These other things will probably be cheaper in the country you are going to anyway, so in a pinch you can get some there. As an added bonus, in a time when airlines are cracking down on transporting liquids, you won’t have to carry any!

Notebook and quality pen: The ability to quickly jot down your impressions will be great if you want to blog, and being able to write down directions, names and numbers, and other information is really important. Get a notebook that can fit in your pocket and a pen than won't explode or leak all over your gear!
Water bottle: Save money and the environment. A water bottle will be necessary on your trip, I promise! Pro Tip: Wrap several yards of Duct tape around the bottle, it saves weight and duct tape is great!
Power plug converter/adapter: if you are going to many countries that use different plugs it may actually be cheaper to buy it when you get there, but many regions (such as most of Europe) use the same plug. Do your research!
Silk sleep sack: These are worth their weight in...well I guess they weigh almost nothing, but they are amazing! With clothes on top they replace the need for a sleeping bag most of the time and ease the mind when sleeping on mattresses of questionable hygiene! They also come in synthetic, but the silk is worth the extra few dollars in comfort. 
One of the biggest ways to make your life easier while packing for traveling the world is to keep your backpack or travel pack organized! Keeping things in stuff sacks or compression bags (and color coordinated) will mean anytime you need to find something when traveling the world, you can just unzip your pack and go straight to it. Not only will this save you time, but being able to pull you your rain jacket the second it starts raining is great, but you impress your mates and be traveling in style (for cheap!)

Goodluck and Safe Travels!

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I hope this guide will set you well on your way toward successfully packing for your round the world trip!
If you somehow missed Part I of Packing List for a Year of Travel: Pack Light for Your Cheap Round the World Vacation, now is the time to get caught up!
See you on the road!