Whether you are going on a 2 hour road trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s house or taking an out of state family road trip many miles away, there are things that you will want to pack for your road trip.  Keeping the kids entertained, and yourself, is important to enjoy the road trip as best as you can.  The time will pass a lot quicker if you are well pepared.

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How many times have you gone only a few miles down the road and heard “I’m hungry” coming from the backseat?  I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to our family.  Packing snacks is a must have for going anywhere, even if it is only a few miles away.  Finding snacks that aren’t messy is important to keep your car clean.  Non-messy vegetables like cut up carrots and celery are great choices.  You may want to avoid messy chips that leave a residue on your fingers.  Cookies are another treat that leave crumbs.  Fruit snacks may be a better choice for your little travelers.


Emergency Supplies

While you are on a road rip, you never know what may happen.  Your car could break down, you may get a scrape or you may start to get a terrible headache.  Emergency supplies include a flashlight, a spare tire, over the counter pain medicine and a first aid kit.  Being prepared during a road trip is important.



Whether it is a book to read, or an activity book, these are important to have on road trips.  You and your kids can have fun reading a chapter out of a new book or play a fun game of hang man or a crossword puzzle.  Books are almost a necessity to pack for travelling.


Comfortable Items

Putting your toddler in their pajamas, wearing your lounge pants or packing a blanket is important to stay comfortable during your road trip.  The driver may want a thin pillow as a back rest to stay comfortable during the long drive.  Ask the passengers what they want as their comfort item before you leave for your trip.


Wipes and a Plastic Bag

Bringing wipes with you on your road trip is essential because you never know what may happen.  Between runny noses, spills and dirty hands you will want to be well prepared.  Bringing a plastic bag to put your garbage in is a great idea as well.  It is better to be too prepared than not prepared enough.


Travel Games

These days it is easy to find travel games at any store.  Bingo, trouble, card games, etc. are just a few examples of travel games that you can buy.  This will likely keep your kids entertained.  Don’t forget the handheld video games as well.  This will ensure the kids will stay busy and quiet for a while.


Road trips can be fun for the entire family, but it is important to be well prepared.  Packing necessities for a trip can ensure that you have the best time on your way to your destination.  Any type of trip is a great experience to bond with your family.

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