Moving.  What again?! You may well ask yourself.  Packing may seem a long-winded job, especially if you have moved a number of times and haven’t looked for easy ways around the hard slog.  You may be responsible for having boxes ready for your trailer, a removalist truck or a large storage container.

When packing I think of fitting items to pack as being rather like a jigsaw.  But fitting them tight helps it be a rarity to have breakage or chipping.   Enlist the kitchen table or long bench top for items you need to pack into one of the boxes in a “close fit”.  You will have 3 or 4 open boxes around you. Some items will stay on the table perhaps till your next round of 3 or 4 boxes.  I use linen and soft items in-between extra fragile items and newspaper if I’m running short on the linen.

Removal companies also have for purchase a variety of moving boxes.  The standard boxes they sell are  620 x 420 x 420mm and half that size are called book boxes. Supermarkets are a great choice for supplying all different types of boxes, from fruit boxes to up in size around the book box size. You can look in the paper for advertisements for moving boxes people have finished with as they have moved.

So you have started packing and fitting items in nice and snugly...right?  Beforehand purchase packets of 19mm circles stickers, scissors, black texta and strong packing tape.   These are used to code boxes.  You can try a different colour system that suits you but this is one way that I do it.  I choose 5 colours.  Kitchen is green.  Laundry & bathroom are white (two white for bathroom).  Main Bedroom is blue. Spare bedrooms are two blues.  Office and craft are red. Leisure and lounge room is yellow. If it is kitchen – put a blue dot on one side of your box and one on top. List what you have in the box.  Sometimes you may have 2 coloured dots on the one box in case you have a mix of items from two different areas.

Using this coloured sticker system my removalist was easily able to put items in the correct room which included going up the stairs.  This saved us from moving boxes around later.
When you are doing such intensive work as packing – keep snacks and ready meals available. Moving is  very labour intensive and can take 3 to 5 days.