When you choose to take a trip, the most important step is to consider just what you may need to take in terms of what to pack into your suitcase. This can depend on many different factors, including your destination, the weather, the seasons, and the type of trip you are taking.

Packing for your Destination

Once you know where you are going you will be able to better pack your suitcase with suitable clothing for your destination. Lets take a look at some exampls.

  • Beach Holiday - If you are visiting the beach you will want clothes that are more suitable to this environment, things like your swimmers, loose fun clothing, and possibly things like sunscreen and hats.
  • Bushwalking - If you are planning to be bushwalking you will want clothes that help to cover up your legs and arms, to avoid insects and scratches and scrapes
  • Nighlife - If you want to focus on the night life in a city, consider packing more casual clothes, like jeans, and shirts for clubs or bars, or even a suit for the theatre or such, depending on your night life interests.

Packing for the Season/Weather

One of the more difficult choices is how to pack to take into account the season and the weather.

When it comes to packing for the season this can be fairly simple, to just look back at previous years. If you are visiting somewhere like Vancouver, Canada in Winter, there is a good chance you will need some fairly warm clothing and prepare for the chance of snow.

On the other hand if you are visiting Hawaii in summer, you will want to have clothing that will be suitable for warm days.

The biggest challenge is packing for the weather. It will entirely depend on where you are going and what you planning to do how much impact the weather can have, but the day or two before you leave check weather forecasts and make changes accordingly.

Packing For Your Type of Trip

When you are visiting just a single location it is relatievly easy to plan for most cases, like the weather and seasons. Unless of course you are planning to stay for more then a single season, or you are visiting on the border of the seasons changing.

What is more difficult is when you are planning you suitcase for multiple destinations in different seasons, or different weather. For example if you were planning a trip to visit Mexico near the end of summer, before being in England for winter.

There is many ways you can plan for this, however the best is potentially to pack for your first destination primarily. With enough for your second destination at least for arrival. Then follow a fairly easy routine. You are more then ready for your sto in mexico in summer, however consider taking clothes you are prepared to get rid of, and do so before heading to your second stop. When you arrive in England have some money set aside to purchase clothing that will be suitable for your stay.

Of course this will not always be the best solution, however it can help you to make wardrobe changes in a fun advernture sort of way.

Make A List

The best thing you can do before you even start to pack is make a list of everything that you think you are going to need. This can include extra things you may not end up taking, but just be sure to cover everything. Think through your plans and what you may be doing to be sure you don't forget anything.

Then well in advance, maybe a week or two prior to leaving. Get your list, and do a trial pack. See if the suitcase or bag you have can fit in everything that you plan to take. If it does this is great, you know you have a list and you will be ready to pack.

However if everything does not fit in then you need to be a little more brutal on what you do decide to take and what you may have to do without. The other important thing that this helps you discover is just what you may think you need to take but that you do not have and may need to buy.

There are two options when you discover something you need to buy. You can buy it now before you leave, packing the last thing before you leave, like this will often make it difficult to buy those last minute items though. However consider where you are going, and more often then not if it is a developed country there is a really good chance you will be able to buy it on arrival.

Enjoy Your Holiday

Putting some thought into packing your bags right and keeping a list of what you have packed, can help you to better enjoy your holiday. Not having that stress of realizing you forgot to pack something, or you might not be able to get something if you don't take it with you. Can mostly be solved by thinking it through up front and making a list.

So now all that is left is for you to enjoy your holiday.