So you have decided to go for a holiday. Whether you are going to the beach, a resort, caravan park or just camp out in the bush you will need to prepare for all emergencies. Once you have chosen the destination then you need to ask what I will need to take.

Do not rely on the kids to pack their own clothes. Double check what they have in their bags. If stopping in a tourist park. Confirm your booking the night before, mistakes can and are often made on both sides.

Make sure you have clear directions and maps to your destination. Has it rained? Could the road be blocked or even under water?

Notify the neighbors when you are leaving and notify someone when you arrive at your destination. This is the best way to safeguard yourself and your family. Anyone can break down, and there are people that would take advantage of your situation. Be safety conscious at all times.

What to pack for clothes

· Be prepared for all weathers: they say it is going to be really hot. Do not believe them; sudden storms can always appear on the horizon.

Do not load the caravan with clean clothes for every day you are away. Mix and match your clothes, take clothes that will dry quickly even if it rains. Rinse them out while under the shower if necessary. Yes you will need the odd coat, especially if you go fishing. I find that you need just as many clothes for a long weekend as for a whole week.

Tips on taking the Food

· Food is the most important factor especially if you have hungry children. Try to take as many dry foods as possible, pasta, rice, noodles. Cereals are the best to start the day with and it fills the kids up. Add the tinned food to mix with these, although you need to keep the weight factor in mind. Do not overload your caravan. Just because you have spare room, you do not want to cause an accident.

· Shop at a supermarkets – Do not use the roadhouses, especially if you are on a budget. Make sandwiches for lunch and settle for one cooked meal at night. This will also limit the amount of dishes you have to wash. Speaking of dishes, use plastic or paper plates. This will reduce the weight and save on breakages. Use plastic see through glasses instead of real glass.

Things to check

· Check the water tanks are full and take spare water, this will depend on where you are going.

· Have you filled the gas bottle? No gas no cooking nor eating.

· Do you know exactly where you are going, you may need roadmap or the GPS

· Find out where the nearest doctor or hospital is in case of emergencies.

Safety checks

· Check the car batteries are ok

· Have the vehicle serviced

· Make sure brakes working properly on car and caravan check the lights

· Take a fire extinguisher

· Spare tire for car and caravan

Extra safety checks before leaving

  • Make sure the awning and all drawers are locked in van
  • Check the safety chains are hooked up and that the pin is in the hitch onto towball
  • check that everything is locked down, items secured, and windows locked

Be prepared and pack these items

· Batteries

· Sunscreen

· Charged up Mobile phone if going off road and charger or uhf radio

· Fresh water

· Torch or lantern

· First aid kit

· Toilet paper

· Fold up shovel

· Mosquito repellant

· Matches

· The barbecue

If you follow these procedures you should have a great trouble free holiday.

One last tip

Make sure you are not overloaded. Because if you are, you will find out too late that your insurance policy will not cover you if you are. If you have a roof rack, treat it as was meant and not as another storage unit. We have seen so many travelers with boats, and the roof rack fully loaded under the boat. They are an accident waiting to happen. Drive carefully at all times and beware of what the other drivers are doing. Leave room between you and the car in front.

Above all enjoy your holiday.