Background information

I first smelt this perfume on a female colleague at work. She is young and always looks incredibly well groomed, smelling beautifully no matter what. She drifted past me and I caught a whiff of this fabulous fragrance.

It was a little overpowering, and definitely not sublte, but I still loved it. When I enquired what perfume she was wearing she told me it was Ultraviolet by Paco Rabanne. She said that it smelled a little strong as she had just applied a large amount and that she liked to spray plenty onto her body.

That summer, everytime I worked with her, I would think, ' I must get some of that perfume '


Ultraviolet, Eau De Parfum

Eventually I bought a large Eau de Parfume, when it was reduced in price, during a Debenham's sale. I paid £24.95 and it was worth every penny.

What I got, for my money, was a round bottle of the perfume. It's clear glass at the bottom half, then there is a sort of clear, rubber seal in the middle with a silver top. It looks very classy but is a pain to place on a surface. The round bottom means it just tips a bit and won't sit flat. Also, I can't take it out with me for a top up.

However, I think that you can buy a few different sizes and variations of this Ultraviolet and so the next time I buy any, I shall look for one that's handbag size.

As it is a lasting fragrance, I find I only wear a small amount at a time. Because of this it has been good value. Also this is why I haven't had to repurchase yet.

The silver top has a spray hole to the side with the logo Ultraviolet near it . You press his silver top down and the Ultraviolet sprays sidewards out of the hole .

The perfume you get is rich purple in colour and quite heavy. For me it is a perfume I wear more for an occasion or going out on an evening. I only occasionally wear it for work.

I find it very difficult to describe perfumes but I would say that Ultraviolet is probably aimed at the younger market. However, as this doesn't include me it must have mixed appeal.

I have copied the description below:-
'Launched by the design house of Paco Rabanne in 2000, ULTRAVIOLET perfume is classified as a refreshing, oriental, floral perfume. This feminine scent possesses a blend of an exotic and modern oriental with lower notes of vanilla and amber. Ultraviolet perfume is recommended for office wear'.

Personally, I still feel it is a bit heavy for work but to each his own .

I find you cannot smell the vanilla but I agree it definitely has an oriental flavour to it. It smells as if it's floral based but it's definitely not flowery.

There are a range of products available for men or women in Paco Rabanne's Ultraviolet. They are not the cheapest on the market but they are good value, and the product is good. It causes no sensitivity on my skin at all.


If I had to find the adjectives to descirbe Ultraviolet, I would say it's sensuous, sexy, warm, in your face, heady, vibrant, youthful, and floral.

If you've not tried Ultraviolet yet, get a squirt next time that you are passing the perfume counter in your local store.

You may not like it, or like me, you may love it. I would say now it's my signature perfume. From me that's one great recommendation .