Have you ever wanted a magic motivation button to keep you involved in the gym and your mind set on your fitness goals?  Well, what if every time you missed the gym or a workout, your wallet took a hit?  Would you be more motivated and less apt to “just take today off”?

I thought you might feel that way.  And that’s exactly what this Android fitness app does.  Pact is an effective way to keep your fitness mind focuses.  

GymPact is Now Pact

GymPact - Cash reward to motivate gym and RunKeeper workouts
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How Pact Works

Basically, you wager money on your dedication to your workouts.  Personally, I put up $10 per workout, 3 timesPact fitness app wager moneyCredit: Ken Muise screen shot via Samsung S3 Android per week.  You’re required to connect a credit card or PayPal account to the app.  This works well because it really puts your wallet and dedication to the test. 

If you miss a workout…you just lost (in my case)$10.

But here’s the kicker!  IF you make all of your workouts then you actually MAKE MONEY with this app.  That’s right, the app pays you for making your workouts and logging them into the system.  For every week that you make your pact, then you get paid.

Where does the money come from?  Well, from others like you who aren’t quite as emotionally attached to their health, fitness and wallets as you are…hopefully.  You’ll need to log your workouts and they’ll need to last at least 30 minutes for them to count, though.  And, another great thing, the app already has gym locations connected with the app so all you have to do is "check in" to one of the gyms in your area and complete your workout.  The app already has many gyms loaded and you can build one if it's not there already.   (No cheating , though!  If you leave the area of the gym, the app will know it and your workout will not count.  They even check all new gyms that are created on the system for validity so people can't build their home gym.)

With Pact you can even make a separate Pact for food intake.  You’ll need to log at least 3 meals per day totaling at least 1200 calories for it to count.  Again, you pledge money and stick to your Pact to keep your money.

The Good About Pact Fitness App from Android

You make money for working out.  Real money.

The app connects with many fitness apps like RunKeeper, Fitbit, Jawbone Up, MayMyRun and MyFitnessPal to easily log food and exercises performed.

There’s a community feed where you can track and stay motivated by other Pact’ers.

People who don’t use a “meal logging” app, will take pictures of their meals and load them on the Pact stream where you and rest of the community will get “OK” or “NO” the meal as a proper meal that should count towards the member’s Pact.

The Bad About Pact

I have worries about credit card security and PayPal account security.  I haven’t heard any Pact app fitnessCredit: Ken Muise on Android via Samsung galaxy S3news of loss of integrity of personal information on the Google Play comments sections or in forums. However, your credit card number in exchange for a workout app is NOT an even swap.   Be careful.

What if I get sick or injured?  How easy is it to contact the app developers or admin team in order to get your Pact relieved for the time being?  Will I have to prove it?  The answer to that is right on the Pact homepage.  Pact says:

“If you ever run into medical issues, just use our members-only contact form. You’ll be exempt from your Pact until you are better. We may ask for contact information from your doctor or employer to confirm that you are ill.”[1]

Really?  My doctor?  Not that my doctor is going to release my medical information to someone because they say he “hey, he made a Pact on our app and we need to know if he’s really sick”…but still… I’m not 10 years old and playing hookie from school and I don’t want you calling my doctor.

Final Analysis:

Do I think that Pact is a great an idea for an app that will truly motivate some people and hold them accountable to their workout goals?  Yes. I do.

Do I think that Pact has gotten a little ahead of itself in regard to the amount of access that an app should have in regards to privacy and sensitive information?  Yes.  Absolutely.

It really turns me off with the whole “we may call your doctor” threat.  I truthfully don’t believe that it’s a legal reason to obtain medical information about a person because they signed up for an Android app.  Secondly, I don’t think Pact is going to be checking into illnesses or injuries as much as they say they are.  So that leaves a lot of people cheating and getting out of Pacts for free. 

I think that in order for Pact to work well it needs to be an up-front commitment of money.  So, if I want to stake $10 per workout, 3 times per week then I pay (up-front) $30 dollars.  If I make my Pact then I get my $10 back, plus any monetary rewards I may have earned (minus fees for Pact and admin). 

  • That is safer and more secure.
  • It gives users the option of leaving Pact and coming back every other week or however often they want it.
  • It keeps people having no access to my credit card or PayPal account.
  • It also prevents people from trying to cheat the system with injury or illnesses because the money is already gone.  


Here's Pacts App Trailer/Sales Presentation

Pact is Good but Too Risky and Shady for Me

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