The ten minutes you spend in your pageant interview might be the most important time you spend during the whole pageant. It's important to make a good first impression.

This is your time to get up close and personal with the judges. Looking good will give you the confidence to have a great interview.

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In most pageants, the interview is the first opportunity the judges will have to meet you.  It is extremely important that you take this opportunity and make the most of it by creating a terrific first impression.

What is a first impression?  Simply put, it's the first thoughts a person has when they see and meet you for the very first time.  You only have a few seconds to make this first impression and so you want to make it a good one. 

As soon as you step into the interview room the judges are getting their own first impression of you.  They will associate their first impression with how you are dressed and how confident you look as you enter the room.  This is called your appearance.  You are the focus of their attention as you walk into the room and you want them to remember you in a positive way after you leave your interview.

Most young woman will spend countless hours and hundreds of dollars on choosing the perfect gown for their onstage appearance.  It's too bad that they don't put this same amount of energy into choosing the perfect interview suit because the interview is usually higher in points than most other categories of the competition.

When you are choosing your interview outfit make sure you follow the rules and recommended guidelines of the pageant.  Most pageants encourage the contestants to wear a business-like suit as the interview is actually the application process for the job of being the next titleholder.

When choosing your outfit you must pay attention to details. 

  • Wear an outfit that you love wearing.  This builds confidence.
  • Make sure it is comfortable when standing and sitting.  Practice walking, sitting and standing in the outfit because often an outfit that is comfortable when standing is too tight or short with sitting.
  • Chose an outfit that expresses your personality.
  • Keep fashion trends in mind but don't go over the top with style.
  • Your outfit must fit well such as not too baggy or tight, the sleeves are the right length, and the bodice fits well.
  • Make sure the outfit is clean and pressed and in good repair.  Double check the hem.
  • Use modesty when choosing your interview outfit.  Make sure the skirt is long enough that you aren't tugging at it to pull it down.   Avoid showing cleavage.
  • Chose a color and style that compliments your coloring and size.
  • Make sure your outfit isn't distracting with wild colors or weird styles or patterns.
  • Wear shoes that you are comfortable walking in.  You don't want to stumble when you are supposed to be walking in with confidence!

A nice, tailored business skirt and jacket in subtle or dark colors is often the best and most reliable choice.  Add a little personality with a colored top, brooch or small flower on the lapel. 

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Make sure that you are wearing the outfit and it isn't wearing you.  This means that you should be the focal point of the interview.  After you leave the interview, you want the judges to remember you and not just what you wore. 

Keep the accessories simple.  Wear simple jewelry that compliments the outfit and isn't distracting to the judges.  Avoid dangling earrings or huge necklaces that take the focus from your face.  Don't wear rings if you have a tendency to fidget with them while talking.  A good rule of thumb for wearing jewelry is no more than a total of five pieces.

Pay special attention to your make up and hair as you are usually very close to the judges in the interview.

You want to avoid the "painted-up" look.  Save that look for onstage appearances.  Daytime makeup done professionally is the best look for interview.  Make sure you have blended your foundation and blush well and have coordinated the colors.  The colors should compliment the outfit you are wearing.  Pluck your eyebrows and make sure they have a nice shape.

Your hair needs to look professional and not be distracting.  A simple style with your hair away from the face is the best look.  Do not have strands of hair hanging in your face or across your eyes.  Avoid fancy bows or gaudy jewelry to pull your hair back.  Professional is the look you want.  Make sure your hair is clean and shining.  Plan well ahead for hair coloring and a flattering cut and style.

Make sure your hands are clean and that you have your nails done.  If you have a talent that keeps you from using acrylic nails then make sure your nails are manicured.  Do not use colored polish.  A natural or french-tip look is the best.

The better you look when you walk into your interview the better you will feel overall.  Your first impression is extremely important because you want the judges to remember and look for you during the rest of the competition.