If you are considering potty training your child you might be feeling apprehensive. If you can first make sure your child is ready it will be immeasurably easier for your child and you to succeed. Look for telltale signs such as dry diapers when it would usually be time for a change and an increased interest in the potty. If you can wait until you see the obvious signs of readiness, as opposed to rushing in before your child is happy to cooperate, your job will be much easier and quicker. If you are feeling dread at the thought of transitioning your child from diapers to underwear it may well be too soon.

If you are expecting a child in the next few months do not rush potty training so that you will only have one child in diapers. The birth of a sibling could lead your child to regress back into diapers, you will have wasted all of your efforts and have to start again with a newborn to care for. Other traumatic events in your children's lives, such as moving house, could also lead to them regressing back into diapers.boy's potty

Once you have decided the time is right, potty training can be quick and relatively painless. Try to find a week in your schedule where you will be staying relatively close to home with no long car journeys or trips planned. Leave the diapers off during the day and take your child to the bathroom at regular intervals. Try to keep a track of when they last went to the potty so that you can help them to predict when they might need to again. If they want to sit on the potty and wait for a wee to arrive, give them a drink and a book to make it more pleasant for them but do not force your child to do this.  Some children find it easier to make it to the bathroom at home if you leave their underwear off, they do not have to wrestle with it when they are ready to go and it helps them to remember that they are not wearing a diaper.

 Take plenty of outfit changes with you when you go out and try not to over react when your child has an accident. It is very discouraging once you have to take your child out and about and they have accident after accident. Try not to give up, if you give up on day 5 because you just cannot cope with the wet and soiled underwear you will have wasted all you and your child’s efforts up to that point, by day 6 or even day 10 they will probably “get it” and there will be no turning back. To help you persevere it is a good idea to stock up on cheap underwear for when they soil themselves and you are away from the house. That way you can put the underwear in a diaper sack, throw it in the trash and move on.

When it comes to “pooping” a lot of children will actually become retentive and go a few days without passing anything. It may help to talk to your child about why they do Fun frog pottyCredit: Chloe Back 2011not want to go but if they aren’t able to communicate their complex and new feelings role-playing can help. Invent a scenario, such as, a baby poop is trapped in your child’s bottom and wants to go into the potty and be flushed down the pipe where his mommy and daddy poop are waiting for him. Your child can play the part or the baby and you the part of the parent, have fun. You will be surprised how soon this leads to your child finally using the bathroom and they will be so pleased with themselves when they do.