If you have a painful lip pimple, I feel bad for you as this can definitely be an annoying and uncomfortable thing to experience. I bet you didn’t realize it before, but you can get pimples almost anywhere on your body! There can be a number of reasons why this acne appeared in this specific location and it’s actually a pretty common problem, especially for teenagers. It can be painful, especially when talking or trying to eat, and it’s certainly noticeable. Here I will go over how to get rid of this painful acne fast and effectively. 

Why Do I Have This?

The reasons for getting this acne here are the same reasons you get it on other parts of the body. Don’t be embarrassed! It could be hormonal, your pores could be clogged, or that area of the skin might not have been cleaned properly. It just happens to be in this unfortunate area. 

Is It Herpes or a Cold Sore?

Make sure it’s not an STD. How do you know if it’s an STD or just a pimple?  The photo the the right is a pimple and the one to the left is a cold sore.

Here are some ways to tell the two apart:

Cold SoreCredit: scienceline.org

- A pimple will have a white pus-filled head.

Lip PimpleCredit: Acne.org- Pimples occur in one single spot while herpes are often scattered.

- Herpes usually have a burning, tingling and itching sensation.

- Overall, there is less pain involved with a pimple.

What To Do to Your “Limple” – Get Rid of It Fast

 - First and most importantly, don’t touch it and don’t pop it! This can cause scarring and pain.

- Wash over the area gently with a washcloth or a soft tissue. Don’t press too hard on the area.

- After drying the area, try applying ice cubes over the area. This will numb it and help with swelling.

- Now comes the main part. Try using Tea Tree Oil on the affected area. This is an anti-bacterial oil and is great for general acne and overall skin care. It can be used for herpes or cold sores as well. It’s also pretty inexpensive. 

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 - If you can’t buy Tea Tree Oil, you can try using toothpaste in the meantime. I’ve read toothpaste has worked for many people.

- You can also use general acne medications on the area that include the ingredient Salicyclic Acid, but I would recommend a topical salicyclic acid instead of something like Clearasil. Use a cloth to apply the acid and make sure you do not swallow it. I think this will definitely help you get rid of the lip acne fast. 

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Other Tips

- Avoid using lipstick or lip gloss until it heals.

- Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water and wash your fash multiple times a day. Keep your hands clean as well and avoid touching your face.

- If your lip pimple still remains after a week or two, you should see a doctor. 

I hope this article helped you better understand how to effectively treat your painful lip pimple!