When the doctor told me I had a disorder that not only did not have a cure, but was hard to treat, part of me wanted to scream.  I know I wanted an answer but this is ridicules.  Fibromyalgia is not what I had planned for my life.

Isn’t it funny though how life can sidetrack you?  One day you’re a college student having trouble finding a decent job the next you can hardly get out of bed.  Still you struggle to both get up and go to school.

My advice to those starting out on this road with me the newly diagnosed Fibro suffers, you’re not alone.  I found a support group through MDjunction.  I have found many friends in the last two days and advice.  So find a support group online or one you can easily travel to.

Do not let anyone tell you to get over it; I have heard that line more than once in the last two years. Get over it you’re not really sick, all you need is some exercise.  Never mind that finding the right balance of exercise can be hard.

Talk to your doctor and family; make sure they understand that you are not making this pain up.  It took my Doctor seeing me swollen several times before she was able to diagnose me. 

Take your medication every day.  I have been told that skipping one dose can make your pain increase tenfold.  Even when it seems it is not making a difference it is, it will take time for you to feel better.

Yes, painful days loom a head but so do days where you will feel almost normal or so I’ve been told.  It is hard to imagine ever feeling normal again at the moment.  I am going to try and stay positive and everyone out there stay positive as well.

I know it is hard to do, but stick with it and we can start down this road hand in hand helping each other out on the way.  I will keep writing on the day to day life of living with a chronic disorder.  Look for my articles which I will write once a week on this topic.

Maybe I can advise others who are having trouble getting a diagnosis on not ever giving up hope.