Paint color ideas help you to break out of the basic builders beige box. However, if you still want a white or light room then a few of these ideas can help you to use white in a way that is actually going to make an impact. You can use this to create designs on your walls or just create coordinating color palettes. This can even be more of a subtle way to do a theme room with navy and taupe walls.

One of the biggest problems that you’re going to run into is the desire for dark or bold colors. Sure, it makes a huge impact, but it can also leave your room feeling smaller. If you do go with a black or even a navy wall then break up your room with lots of wallpaper. You also need to pick one lighter color to go with but this doesn’t necessarily have to be white. You could even use ivory if you want more of a vintage kind of color palette.

You can also use color to create moods. In the bedroom look for blues, greens, and purples that have lots of gray undertones. You can even apply this to your furniture or a lot of architectural details if you want more of a farmhouse kind of effect.

If you have an inspiration piece in your room then you want to use it in modern ways. This could be something like wallpaper or window treatment fabric. Instead of drawing out the exact color go for a complimentary tone. For instance if you had an old oil painting of a sunset that was getting lost in the room go for a bolder wall color. You can just use this on the wall that the painting is on and it allows you to bring new life to a painting that you've had for several years. Look closely at the sunset and you'll see a lot of coral tones. This can be one of the more unusual color palettes that you need but it works well if you have tons of bookshelves or molding. This helps you to break up such a bright wall color.

You can also just use paint color ideas to figure out when you have enough color. You can get carried away by choosing different tones for every surface and this isn't necessary. Instead just get a modern look with black, white, and whatever your favorite color is. This makes trips to the paint store a lot simpler as well.

You can also use metallic paints as subtle touches in your room. You're going to need to invest in a high quality spray paint. This really allows you to get a convincing finish that you can use on light fixtures, drawer pulls, and even picture frames. You also might want to go with a more unusual feeling just because gold and silver can be a little bit difficult to achieve. Instead, try out pewter or an aged bronze and these are both pretty trendy colors as well.