Paint Horses For Sale PictureWhat to do With Paint Horses - Decide What You Want Before You Buy

Unusual Hobbies you might not consider include pleasure driving, and you might be surprised how much your paint enjoys the task, and how good he looks doing it! Remember that today's gaming horse you might be purchasing for a child to compete with will someday have to have a retirement job. You just don't see thirteen year old gamers out competing for ribbons. When buying a Paint Horse, try to think of his exit strategy. If you are purchasing a horse for a child to work with; chances are the excitement that drives them to the sport doesn't appeal much to you, so make sure that a potential horse also works for your needs as well. Maybe Dressage, or Hunt Seat, whatever you need make sure if you get stuck with the horse, it will be versatile enough for you as well.

Good Rules of Wisdom For Owning a Paint Horse

Paint Horses like any other breed have their issues, and in Paints it tends to be Navicular issues and Angular limb deformities. These are both lameness problems so absolutely have your farrier go with you to look at a potential prospect. Any good farrier will do this for you, one that won't should be fired in my opinion. Pay the money for coffin joint X Rays, they are worth it in the end and can save you countless money in a horse with major problems. I know more than a few folks pouring money in a farriers pocket to keep horses going that will never be right in the hoof department, so be careful. I will not take a palomino or buckskin paint, or a homozygous one either. That is simply too many horses in a pedigree bred for the sake of their skin color, and last I checked skin color did not make horses sounder. Try the horse on hard ground and feel his legs, any major heat after riding on a hard surface should be an immediate no. Remember even if you love the horse you're looking at the paint horse for sale is in possession of the current owner and he may be a total jerk. Trust but verify.

Beware the Spotted Terror

You have been warned, there is simply something about a spotted horse that gets in your skin, for better and worse. They are adept at opening gates, stealing human items, hording food, and causing problems in general. Every one of your herd's fine horse gifts will become theirs. Owners of solid horses will scoff but if it has spots it is going to be trouble from the moment it is born. This I can attest to owning eight of them myself and comparing to my sixteen solid horses, a pinto of any breed is a bigger pain in the rear than any other type of horse.