Paintballing is such a wonderful and enjoyable game to play, with more and more people taking up the sport as an hobby. If you intend to start up playing the game, one of your first purchases is going to be a paintball gun. These guns come in a variety of different sizes and styles, and more importantly can cost quite a bit of cash for the upper end models. But if you are just starting out, it will be a wise move to start off by buying a paintball gun for under 100 dollars.

Paintball Guns Under 100 DollarsMost people who decide to take up the game, start off with all the best intentions and spend a small fortune on gear, only to find out a few months down the line that it is not the game for them. The number one reason being the pain and bruises that you receive by being shot at by paintballs. If you have got a low threshold to pain, then stop reading now paintballing is not for you. Being hit with paintballs is fun, but it does hurt.

Because paintballing is so popular, it means more and more models of guns are hitting the marketplace, which means more gun under $100 out there. The best place to buy these cheap paintballing guns is the Internet, so lets take a quick look at just three paintball guns under 100 dollars that are currently out there for sale online.

The first paintball gun that we are going to look at is the Stryker STR-1 Paintball Gun Kit. This model is a semi automatic gun which is jam packed with all the features that every player desires. This model is sold as at twin kit, which means that you get two of everything included in the kit. Making it ideal for people who are taking up the game in pairs. Included in the kit is 2 STR- 1 Guns, 2 x JT goggles, 2 x brass eagle prefilled cylinders with adaptors, 2 x viewloader 200 round loaders, 2 x stryker barrel plugs and 2 x VL squeegees. Costing just under $70 this kit is an absolute bargain for everyone new to the game of paintballing. One of the cheapest places online to buy this kit is the online retail giant Amazon.

The second paintball gun under 100 dollars is the WGP Trilogy Sport Autococker Paintball Gun. This gun features a lightweight uni body design, push button safety, a 3 way low pressure regulator and valve, micro polished ram and an high pressure gas valve through the foregrip. The only downsides to this model is that the gun is very loud, due to the barrel not being ported and the grips are a little on the cheap side. A part from that this is a fantastic cheap paintballing gun at a fantastic price.

The third and final paintball gun under $100 is the 09 Spyder Victor Paintball Gun. This gun operates off CO2 cartridges, which you can easily get charged up at most local hardware stores. This is the 2009 models which is now 10% shorter and 15% lighter which gives it a totally new and improved look. It has also got a tool free striker plug which has been developed so that no tools are needed when performing basic maintenance duties on the gun.