If you need to make some cash, get creative. One potential idea is to make some cash off unused land (woods, fields, scrub land) by turning it into a paintball course. You don't even need to own the land, you just need to arrange access to the land from your family, friends or neighbors. 

Paintball is a sport that continues to grow in popularity supported by big paintball stores like Ultimate Paintball. Paintball offers the opportunity to engage in mock battle with friends and strangers while no one gets hurt. Shotting paintballs can be great exercise as it involves running, climbing, crawling, and other physical activity. Paintball will create an adrenalin rush in the players and is even fun to watch. Paintball can also be used team building exercise for corporate teams and sports teams.

Many undeveloped sites require little preparation to turn into a paintball site. As long as there are natural blocks to hide behind and the opportunity to get up high safely the property could make a good paintball course. If desired, you could add a fort, an old car, walls, and other elements to enhance the course. 

Be a good neighbor and make sure that the edges of your course are well defined. You don't want the game spilling over onto your neighbors land. Also be sure to talk to your neighbors and get them onside so that no one is calling the police over stray gunshot like sounds. Make sure you plan for parking so that you don't block neighbor's driveways.

Zoning is another important issue to consider. You may need outdoor recreation type zoning, or perhaps a permit. Generally this is not a big issue for the occasional paintball event but make sure you are clear to avoid fines.

Before setting up your paintball course be sure to visit some other paintball sites to understand your competition and maybe make some friends in the business. Players like to try different courses so there are opportunities to cross promote between courses. 

Done correctly, a paintball course can be a great way to generate some extra recurring cash from unused land. What other ways can you turn that back pasture into some recurring income?