One of the most dramatic transformations that you can achieve in your kitchen is just to paint out your cabinets. Painted kitchen cabinet ideas help you with both the finish and the color too. Most of these treatments have a beginning skill level. Plus, you can use any color no matter your budget; even if it’s really trendy. This is why you can get a designer look for less. When I tried this project myself I found that it was a lot more work than I had anticipated. You may want to skip over all of the sanding and priming and just get to the fun stuff which is usually choosing a new paint color. However, you probably want to make sure that you spend the time to do the job right. Even if you have the perfect color it isn’t going to look good if the paint starts to chip.

You can be inspired by the style of door that you have as inspiration for your entire room. For a long time I really hated any kitchen from the 1950s or 1960s. Flat panel drawers just were way too plain to me. They still aren’t what I’d choose for my kitchen. However, even new these cabinets are really popular when it comes to the modern and contemporary styles.

The key to making your old cabinets successful just isn’t with paint. You can use the added savings for new granite countertops or stainless steel appliances .These are the elements that finish off the look to a modern kitchen. It will be much more costly than simply painting out your cabinets. If you have an entire kitchen renovation planned anyways it does make more sense to save your cabinets whenever possible to cut down on costs.

Consider the problem areas in your room. If it feels small or it just lacks square footage go with lighter colors on your cabinets. Removing wood grains and warm tones does take out a lot of pattern; even if this would normally read as a neutral.

Explore your options with paint. One of the pricier paint treatments you can find is going to be chalkboard paint and you will have a limited selection of colors usually. Depending on what’s available nearby this is often a product that you need to order online. I like to see this on smaller projects like crafts or furniture just because of the expense of shipping.

However, at stores like Anthropolgie and Ikea these chalkboard front cabinets are really cutting edge. You might just try this on a few of your cabinets. You can make it match just by leaving the frame in the same color as the rest of your cabinets, like having white trim on a shaker style door front.

Since there are so many paint colors available you may want to go with something more daring. Unless  you have a funky retro theme or a larger kitchen this will almost always be a mistake. It will draw attention away from the more expensive items in your room like your countertops. This is a huge mistake if you have expensive stone counters.

Instead you could go with a two tone look. Paint your island out with black paint. This gives it a lot of drama. Most of your granite, slate, and even marble does have some of these black tones to them. It is popular to use this as an all over cabinet choice. However, it’s a look  that’s usually only successful in designer magazines. In real homes where you don’t have all of the sunlight, space, and professional lighting it just seems much too dark.

If you do go with black paint colors on your island then I like to see a more muted color on the rest of your cabinetry. A black and white color combination is just much too obvious and distracting sometimes. It doesn’t fit within a classic kitchen look even though it is a classic palette. The execution of it will just be off a little bit. If you want a really modern or contemporary room then this will be perfect if your island doesn’t have a lot of ornamentation like columns or molding. Skip sanding or distressed elements too and work with high gloss paint finishes.

Just because a color is neutral doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. My favorite cabinet paint color right now is probably gray. I just find it incredibly soothing and it works well with Carrera style marble which is so popular too.

The other option is to make white cabinets more interesting. If you want the gray tone to seem more modern stick with white cabinets and use this darker charcoal color on your walls. Keep patterns to a minimum but bring in brightly colored mosaic glass backsplashes. This can have foil or silver elements in them to match both your wall color and any stainless steel appliances that you may own.

Sometimes you may have made a mistake with the paint treatment but you don’t want to go with an all new look. I do find it helpful here to try reducing contrast. It’s been popular to try out deep red or chocolate brown cabinet colors which can seem to stand out too much. This may have to do with your wall color. Paint it in a softer taupe to create a monochromatic palette. Change out silver or nickel hardware for oil rubbed bronze versions. Not every room has to have loud accent colors in it. Sometimes you can tone down a color just by adding in more shades of the same tone. I wouldn’t necessarily always match the stone countertops to your cabinet colors though because it can be pretty boxed in if you have wilder oranges or reds in the room. Neutrals help to tone down these wilder colors.

Painted kitchen cabinet ideas help you to create a theme or mood with just a few gallons of paint. It can save you thousands of dollars instead of buying new cabinets but it is a lot of work to get there.