Over years of use and exposure to moisture and temperature changes, brass faucets can fade and become discolored. Instead of changing sink faucet fixtures because of discolored brass, repainting brass faucets is a cost effective way to make your sink faucets look newer. 


First you will want to find a high quality brass spray paint (designed for brass surfaces) and in a color that closely matches the original brass color of the sink fixtures. You will want to keep windows open during this process for proper ventilation.


Next you will want to use brass cleaner to clean and wipe down the faucet, fixture, and handles. Then you will need to put painter’s tape around the base of the faucet deck plate and fixture. Also make sure you cover the underside of the spout opening and the sink drain. You may also want to cover the sink itself with old drop cloths or rags to protect against paint. Tape down these rags.


Use a scouring pad or rough sandpaper to sand down the surface of the brass. This will create a smooth and consistent surface to paint onto. Do not worry if you see silver markings and blemishes. Smooth the entire brass surface.


Gently shake up the spray paint can and aim at the faucet keeping the nozzle a few inches from the surface of the brass sink fixtures.


Depress the nozzle and evenly spray a coat of paint on the brass surfaces. Repeat on the brass handles and the plating of the base. Wait for the paint to dry fully overnight before applying a second coat if needed.  Do not paint on non brass components of the sink (and cover these components with painter’s tape if needed.


Allow the second coat to dry and apply a paint sealant over the brass surfaces. When dry remove all tape and rag coverings.  When finished the brass faucets will look like new. Remember if you have antique brass bathroom sink faucets you may want to hold off on repainting as the new paint can take away from the aged look of antique brass.