How to Paint a Room

If you are looking for some painting tips, here are a few that just might help you, especially if you have a large painting job like I do!

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1.   Good Quality Primer If you are unsure of what type of paint is on the wall, then you should always do your first coat in a good adhesion primer. These high adhesion primers, go over most any type of paint. This is important, because if the paint on the wall was an oil base, and you try to paint it will water base, (latex) it will not stick.


Clean Walls

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2. Make sure you wash your walls. The best way to do this, is with a good kitchen sponge mop. Mix up a bucket with TSP or a good cleaner, and wash and rinse the walls. This helps get rid of grease and dirt, and helps give the walls a good base for the primer.

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Bag Your Roller and Brush

3. Rome was not built in a day! If you are using a roller for the walls, and if you have to leave to do something else while still painting the walls, then take your roller and place in a plastic bag and wrap tightly around the roller part. You can do this with a paint brush as well. I use a sandwich baggy for a paint brush. You can also take a plastic bag over your paint tray. This keeps the paint from drying out, and then you are ready to start painting again when you return.

This is also a good way to "re-use and reduce" since you don't have to keep throwing out or washing the roller. If you are painting a few rooms the same color, you can keep putting your roller in a plastic bag, and it will keep going. I have painted 4 rooms and a hallway with the same roller!

Ceiling Paint - The Type That Changes Colour

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4. If you have to paint your ceiling, then get the ceiling paint that is tinted blue that dries to a nice white color when it is dry. This way you will know where you painted. It is worth the extra few dollars for this. I didn't get this, and thought I had done a good job, until the afternoon light came in the window! I had missed many spots. I talked to a few other people who swore by this new ceiling paint that is tinted blue while it is wet. But dries to a nice ceiling white. Since you don't usually have to paint your ceilings that often, it is worth it and saves your neck!

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Edger Brush - Gives a Clean Edge Fast

5. Purchase a good edger brush. You can try taping off the ceiling, or using some of those great new painting edging tools they have now. But from personal experience, from working on an older house. I have discovered, that over the years, the walls are not that perfect where they meet the ceiling. They look OK, but this is more apparent when you are trying to paint with an edger tool, that assume you have good 90 degree angles! I didn't find they worked that well, and left dry spots.

I found that if you got a good angled edger brush, then you can do it freehand. I tried taping the ceiling off, but because of these little wobbles here and there in the meeting of the ceiling and wallboard, my freehand painting was just as effective and less time consuming.

We are painting every room in the house we are working on right now. We are getting better and better at it!

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Good Quality Ladder

You will need to climb and you don't want some old rickety thing.  A good quality ladder that can extend is a good investment if you are a homeowner.  If you are renting your space or maybe an apartment, you can rent ladders.  

But if you are a homeowner, you will never tire of having a good quality ladder for all your painting and renovation projects.

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One Last Painting Tip

Instead of a coat of primer then two coats of color, get your primer tinted the same color as your main color, this way you only have to prime once, and then top coat once. This saves you an extra coat, which can save a lot of time, if you have a lot of painting to do!

Not all brands of primer can be tinted, but the high adhesion one I purchased was able to be tinted. He used the color card, and it was almost exact.. Since we are painting a lot of rooms, this was a great tip for us.

If you have walls that are hard to reach, purchase a extension pole, this works well over stair wells, but can be a little awkward when reloading with paint.

Paint is one of the cheapest ways to refresh a room. A good paint job, can totally change the look of a room. If you are wanting to change the look of a room, but are not ready to paint the walls, or there is just too much prep, (like wallpaper or repairs etc) then repaint the trim. It is amazing the difference painting the windows and door trim, as well as the baseboard. It just freshens everything up. But remember, if you are trying to paint a much lighter color on your walls or trim, you must use primer first, or the dark colors will bleed through. Also on new wood, the high adhesion primer will seal knots in the wood, and stop them showing through.

Primer is actually one of the best painting tips. As with most decorating jobs, it is the preparation that we do first, that actually decides how good the job will look, it is the same with painting the walls, prep is everything, but is well worth it.