Paint is amazing and gives you an easy way to add beautiful colors to your home. Even better than that, it is easy to change when the mood strikes you and is one of the least expensive items that you will buy to change your home up. With a little knowledge of techniques you can add a lot of color by painting the walls two or more colors.

Choosing Your Colors.

The first thing that you are going to do is choose your colors. There are literally tons of options. You will want to choose two or three colors in a color pallet. Make sure that they are colors that look good together (according to you and others who will live in the house and use the room). Here are a few ideas to help you along.

  • You can choose two shades of the same color. This lets you have more color, but is always pleasing to the eye. For example you can paint the wall in a pale blue and use a dark blue in the same color to accent that light color.
  • Choosing colors that contrast can also be a great way to go. However, you will want to make sure that it works well in your space. While purple and orange can look great together, choosing two bright colors in a small space will be overwhelming and could make it feel very small.
  • Going neutral can also be a great way to go. You can choose a neutral color and then a brighter or darker color to highlight that. For instance you may choose a creamy color and highlight it with blue (or any other color that speaks to you).

Painting Your Trim a Different Color.

Many people choose to paint their trim a different color than their walls. This can be a great option and make your trim stand out and define your room. While it isn't as unique as some of the other techniques it is a great option for someone wanting more color, but also wanting to keep it simple. Make sure that you use painters tape to make great edges around your trim. It will look loads better and is well worth it!

Making The Walls Two Tone.

Two toned walls can be a great way to go when adding color and interest to a room. This is done by painting the top of the wall one color and the bottom another color. If your wall is already divided by trim it will be really fast and easy to do. If not you can take painters tape and carefully divide the room in half. Paint one half of the room, remove the tape, apply a new layer along the bottom edge, and paint the bottom half. Make sure that your paint is dry before removing your tape! If your room is divided by trim you can choose to paint the trim a third color of you can simply paint it one of your colors.

Accent Wall.

Another great way to add interest to a room, bring out color, and make a great statement is an accent wall. This is especially a great option for small spaces because dark colors may be overwhelming if they were on all the walls. Choose a brighter or darker color. Then choose which wall you want to be the focus of the room. That is the wall that you will paint with your accent color. The other walls should be painted in a light color and often neutral is recommended such as white or a shade of white.

Sponge Painting.

At one time sponge painting was hugely popular. There was a reason for this! While it certainly takes a lot of work, it is well worth it and the end result is great looking walls. To do this you will paint the room a single color. You can choose to have a light color on the bottom or a dark color.

After the wall is completely dry you will want to take a natural sponge (not a man made one). Dab this in your second color of paint. Carefully blot the sponge on the wall for a patterned effect. Make sure that you aren't getting too much paint on or you will lose the pattern. Carefully keep a consistent look throughout the wall. If you want to you can wait for your second layer of paint to dry and you can add a third layer for even more color!


You can also add definition to your wall with a stencil. You should paint the wall the base color and then use a stencil to create the design on top of that. You can do this all over the wall with a big stencil for a wall paper look or you can add a boarder with your stencil. You also don't have to use a dark color on a light background. You can get an interesting look if your colors are closely related or if you choose a lighter color to put over a darker color.

Stripes and Other Designs.

Painters tape can be a lot of fun and can give you a lot of different looks! You should paint the base coat. After it is completely dry you should then add painters tape to make your designs. You can make framed sections on your walls, stripes, or interesting shapes. When you have finished making your designs paint over the wall again in your second color. Let that dry and then remove the painters tape to reveal your designs.

Time To Make a Mess.

Another great look is created by splashing paint onto the wall. You definitely need to cover your floor with painters drop clothes here because you aren't likely to be able to avoid making a mess. You will paint your walls the base color. Let that dry. Then taking paint brushes (or even other objects) splash the paint on your walls. Don't let the brushes touch them. Your goal is to make great patterns by splashing the paint!

Getting creative with your paint will let you come up with more designs than ever before. You enjoy a wide range of colors and feel really homey in your house. You can also change it quickly and easily!