Painting Your Nails To Perfection

Have you wanted your nails to look like you just spent $50 on them after you painted them yourself? Well with the right knowledge and skills you can! Painting your nails to perfection can be a rather easy task, and can easily be mastered after only a few nail painting sessions. You probably already do most of these things when you are painting your nails anyways; however, it is going that extra mile that will allow you to paint your nails to perfection. All of the things that you will find in this article do not require professional experience, or a lot of knowledge; moreover, most of them simply require you to put a little bit of extra time and effort into painting your nails to perfection. The amazing thing about painting your nails to perfection is that you are probably pretty close to doing it already. You probably spend about a half an hour painting your nails on a regular basis; these tips will only use up another 10 minutes of your time, and will allow you to have glamouring nails that everyone envies! Follow the tips provided in this article and you will be painting your nails to perfection in absolutely no time!

Cut, Push, And File Before Painting Your Nails

This may seem like the most basic knowledge when it comes to painting your nails; however, you would be surprised at the percentage of people that do these things once they have finished painting their nails. I cannot stress the importance of this rule, but always cut your nails, push your cuticals, and file the tips of your nails prior to beginning to paint them. Failure to do this will result in your unsatisfaction once you have finished painting your nails, or having to ruin the nail painting job that you have just done because you have to cut, push, and file them.

Remove All Old Nail Polish

This will metaphorically wipe the slate clean from the previous time that you painted your nails. Failure to do this will result in the color not being as true when you are painting your nails. The color that a nail polish depicts is based on the fact that you were applying it to a clean surface; removing all of your old nail polish will create this clean surface so that your nail polish will come out on your nails as you see it in the bottle. However, simply applying the new nail polish over top of the old nail polish without removing it will result in the two blending together and creating an overall color that is not even close to what is depicted on the bottle. Ensure that you remove your old nail polish and you will have no problem painting your nails to perfection.

Apply A Base Coat

The percentage of people that skip this step when painting their nails is also surprising; applying a base coat should always be the first thing that you do when you begin painting your nails, and should be done immediately after the cut, push, and file. Base coats of nail polish usually come as clear liquids, and do exactly what their name implies...provide a base for the nail polish to stick to. Failure to apply a base coat when painting your nails will have the same effect as trying to paint a sheet of drywall without using a primer; the color will simply not look as strong and dominant. However, using a base coat will allow the color's true shade to be depicted perfectly, which will completely satisfy you when you are painting your nails.

Apply The Nail Polish

This step is pretty much necessary whether you are doing a quick job when you are painting your nails, or trying to paint your nails to perfection. The only thing that varies between doing a quick job, and a near perfect job is the amount of coats of nail polish that you apply, and whether or not you let those coats fully dry. When painting your nails to perfection it is important to do as many coats as necessary for the nail polish to entirely cover the nail without any transparency; this will all depend on the nail polish, nail, color, and shade. However, this number is usually between 2 and 4 coats. When painting your nails to perfection it is also important to let each coat fully dry, as this will produce smooth and clean looking painted nails rather than blotchy and dirty. Ensure that you apply the nail polish with enough effort when painting your nails, and you will be absolutely satisfied with the results that you produce.

Apply The Top Coat

This tip is geared towards the maintenance of your near perfect nail painting, and will ensure that they stay looking near perfect for as long as possible. After you are done applying the coats of nail polish, you should begin to apply the top coat; this is basically a coat of clear nail polish that will protect the nail polish color for being altered or harmed. This is not a necessary step when painting your nails to perfection, as they will still look nearly perfect even if you had skipped this step; however, this is a necessary step to maintain that perfect look for as long as possible. Ensure that you have applied a top coat after you are done with the application of the nail polish, and you will have no problem painting your nails to perfection.

Touch Up Any Imperfections

This should be the final step to be taken when painting your nails to perfection because it involves making them as perfect as they can be by touching up any flaws. You will probably not touch your nails for another 2 or 3 weeks, so it is best to ensure that you are absolutely satisfied with the job that you have done painting your nails. Once you have touched up any imperfections, you can go and show those perfectly painted nails off!

Painting your nails to perfection can be a fairly easy task, and with enough dedication, can be done absolutely every time that you paint your nails. It only requires a little bit more time and effort than it would take to paint your nails regularly. Aside from the fact that you will have many people admiring the job that you did painting your nails, you will gain a feeling of self satisfaction and confidence that will stay with you the entire time that your nails are painted perfectly!