Painting a Metal Storage Cabinet is quite easy and straight forward project that anyone can do, or for the handy DIY person. If you feel your cabinet is in need of a new paint job then al you will need for this project is a paint scrapper some fine grit sandpaper, bucket of clean water, metal primer and paint and about 2 hours of your time. No need to be a professional painter to do this , as i said anyone can do this job. To make it easier for you , or if at all possible dismantle your cabinet so each part gets a good coating of paint. Make sure to work in a well ventilated area if doing this job indoors , now if you are able to dismantle the cabinet , then do this first  .For easier reference mark each piece with masking tape and number it, also you can draw a rough sketch or diagram to show you how to reassemble your cabinet when finished giving it a new coat of paint.

OK using your paint scrapper go over each pieces making sure that get rid of any loose or flaking paint and debris, for this next task you can either use a standard electric sander or just do it yourself using our fine grit sandpaper. Don't over do it at this stage as you only need to give each piece a smooth surface in preparation for the metal primer also try not to use short strokes when sanding , long lite strokes will do the job and save you time as well. Once you feel you have  a smooth surface then using a clean  wash cloth and warm water with a little washing detergent wipe down each piece until you have thoroughly wiped it clean of any dust and debris. when you have done this and the surface is dry you can then begin to ad the primer. Only a thin coat of primer will do , then ad a final coat and let it dry completely.

For a better smooth surface you can lightly go over once again with very fine sandpaper to prepare for your first coat of paint. Read instructions to make sure you have the correct drying time as each product may vary. Begin to ad your first coat of metal paint to the surface, once again don't over do it ... a thin coat will do as you will still need to ad your second coat. Once that has drying apply your second coat of metal paint this will be your final coat so make sure you cover all areas. Let dry thoroughly and then reassemble each piece according to your diagram, once you have assembled your storage cabinet you are pretty much done. Now all that's needed is to fill  your storage cabinet with what ever you choose to. To keep your cabinet looking it's best, regular maintenance will be required to keep your Metal Storage Cabinet looking like new!.