Decorating and painting can be considered as an art which helps to beautify a house or other places like an office etc. The term painting means the application of coloured paint on the exterior and interior of a building. In recent times there have been many changes in the decoration and painting of a home. The items for decorating are also available in different varieties. The colours are also available in different varieties.

Let us take a look at the painting process. The process involves the following: surface preparation, the works done before painting and finally the painting. Mixtures of different paints can be used along with a wide variety of colours to paint different places in your home. There are two types of paints, water and oil based paints. The selection of the paint is to be done by taking into consideration the surface on which the paint is to be applied, the style and the colour preference.

The painters carry out the painting job once all the preparations are complete. The preparations required before starting to paint a surface include: cleaning of the walls, and the ceiling. Cleaning means to remove the already applied paint or the wall paper. Before that a painter places a cover on the floors and also on furniture which is present in the room. A painter does the work by taking into consideration the character of the home.

The decorating and painting job is very time consuming. As this is to be done after taking into consideration the opinion of many people. Generally what a painter likes to do is to test how the paint will appear on the test wall so that the visual appearance of the paint can be ascertained.
Decorating provides a lot of job opportunities for people. Decorating firms are in a high demand nowadays. The reason is that although many people can decorate their house on their own a professional approach is always good. Besides the process of decorating a home can be time -consuming and may require a lot of money. Mistakes can be made. So it is better to seek the help of a decorating company. There are a lot of decorating firms available. You have to be careful before choosing and if possible try to conduct a proper search to find out which is the best.

As you have obtained a brief description of what the painting and decorating jobs are let us take a look at how to make money with painting and decorating jobs. A skilled painter or decorator is always in demand. But the income will be more if you start a business by yourself.

Start a decorating firm which allows you to beautify homes and other buildings with the hep of your creativity. You can also create many painting and decorating jobs for others. Before you start a business it is better to gain some practical working knowledge on the painting and decorating jobs.

The skilled people with an interest in painting and decorating jobs can find employment with home builders, house wares and furniture manufactures hotels and restaurants, firms that offer painting and decorating jobs, antique dealers, and house ware stores.