The world of fashion in Pakistan is quickly moving forward due to its enormous range of trend. And of course, with the growing fashion industry comes the emerging of fresh talents and famous star Pakistani models.

In case you do not know yet, Pakistani models are one of the most desired talents worldwide not only because of their gorgeous faces, but also because of their amazing work.

Let us now meet the top 5 female famous star Pakistani models. You can also check out their cute wallpapers on several websites.

Pakistani models - Iman Ali

Fashion columnists and reviewers regard Iman Ali as one of the best Pakistani models of today.

Ali has modeled for nearly all chief design homes in her country and had a run for 3 years as the Lux girl that is beyond compare. In addition, she is the famous star model of Luscious Cosmetics, a brand of makeup in Pakistan. She is well-known for regularly working together with photographer Ather Shahzad. She achieved recognition when she played the role of Anarkali, a 7-minute music video by Shoaib Mansoor. Subsequently, she was the co-host of the 2005 Lux Style Awards and has starred in a series of successful TV shows ever since.

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    Aaminah Haq

    One of the top Pakistani models (particularly a Lux model), Aaminah Haq is also a famous star in the TV drama Mehndi. Haq is a proficient model who worked with a lot of designers in her country and modeled for numerous magazines such as Visage, Newsline, She, Fashion Collection, Libas and Women’s Own.

    Tooba Siddiqui

    Tooba Siddiqui did not fail to make it on the list of top Pakistani models who dominate the ramp. Her career started with a charity program and her major break was when she had a pictorial with Ather Shahzad. There was no turning back for Siddiqui ever since. She has been a cover of several fashion magazines as well as performed shoots with practically all the best fashion designers. To date, her most excellent photo shoot was made by Deevees and Diva.

    Zainab Qayyum

    ZQ (as she is also called) is one of the top Pakistani models, a famous star and television host, thus regarding her as among the most brilliant celebrities in her country. In 2004, ZQ was given the Best Model of the Year award in Lux Style Awards. Apart from that, she also bagged the Most Stylish TV Actress award in the 2006 Indus Style Awards.

    Sunita Marshall

    Placed in our 5 top Pakistani models, Sunita Marshall began her modeling career with her aunt’s help and had her initial appearance in the commercial of Garnier Fructis as well as Kuene, Pantene and Head and Shoulders. She went back as a Gul Ahmed model and worked with designers like HSY, Nilofer Shahid, Deepak Perwani and Bunto Kazmi. She has also modeled for Gucci and Dior.

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