The Palm Islands city is a man-made island resort as a means of attracting tourism in Dubai. There are a lot if sights to see and places to visit on this beautiful island. One just needs to have a good quality map and know how to get around the city.


Together with the increasing popularity of the Palm Islands as a tourist destination, so is the increase of the modes of transportation to use in the area. Cars are the main transportation unit used by the people in Dubai. Some Palm Island vacation or accommodation packages and car rental companies offer this service to first-time tourists to be able to tour the city on one's own pace. It is recommended to book or reserve a car before going to Palm Islands to get better rates and to have more choices as to the make and model of car. However, one should check the requirements and driving rules and regulations of the city before renting a car to avoid inconvenience while on the trip. Other public means of transportation include planes, taxis, the Dubai Metro (trains in Dubai), bus services and taxi boats.

What to See

The Palm Island boasts of three man-made islands designed in the shape of palm trees namely the Palm Jebel Ali, Palm Jumeirah, and the Palm Deira. All islands have stunning white beach resorts and world-class hotels to accommodate both the locals and tourists. Some of the popular Palm Island resorts are the Palm Island Beach Club, Moevenpick Resort & Spa Palm Jumeirah, and the Golden Ocala. There are also malls and shopping centers in the area for tourists to have an experience of the services and products of the city.

Aside from the beautiful white sand beaches that one will get to enjoy during the day, the Palm Island city of Dubai has its colourful and lively nightlife. Some Palm Island resort hotels have their own restaurants and bars that one can go to have a good time. Aside from the exclusive hotels bars and restaurants, there are also different bars and clubs that one can find in the island, some of the most popular are the Bar Zar, known for its waterside terrace, and the Left Bank because of its pub-club atmosphere. Most of the bars and pubs in Palm Island Dubai have multiple floors and even a terrace to attract more tourists to get a view of the city at night.