Want your home to feel like a tropical escape? Palm leaf ceiling fans can add to the mystique. Whether you choose a natural palm leaf fan or one of the many resin palm leaf fan blade covers, you are sure to make an island splash that your friends and family will notice. Read on to learn much more of palm leaf ceiling fans, the types available, and the prices you should expect in stores.

Palm Leaf Ceiling Fans: A Joyous Island Tradition

palm leaf ceiling fans_3There are few things that scream tropics more than palm leaves. They have been used by island cultures for thousands of years as both a strong writing and construction material. Similar to other tropical plants like bamboo, palm leaves are a sustainable resource. They are easy, fast to grow, and they make an excellent material for home decor, furniture, and even whole roofs. Tiki huts, for instance, are traditionally built with dried palm leaves that are thatched to provide weatherproofing.

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Palm leaves have also symbolized a victorious or joyous moment in many cultures throughout history, and it is a prevalent symbol for Christians during the Easter holiday for this reason too. It's a material that is rife with meaning, more so than most other construction materials. 

All of this history helps make palm leaf decor like palm leaf ceiling fans into something very special. They are both a beautiful piece of island decor and a home furnishing that can subtly symbolize joy. They are prevalent throughout the tropics and sub-tropical regions, but, like other tropical ceiling fans, they make excellent fans to enhance most room and home designs no matter the style.

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Palm Leaf Ceiling Fan Types

There are a few different styles of palm leaf ceiling fans available. Natural palm leaf ceiling fans are the most sought after versions of these fans. They are made, obviously, from dried, woven palm leaves, so they can withstand weather and keep their island style fresh for years. They are stunning pieces of tropical island decor.

There are also palm ceiling fans that use artificial palm leaves made of resin. These ceiling fans look the part and certainly add the island flair to your home. They are often a bit cheaper than the natural palm leaf varieties. 

You can also find resin-based ceiling fan blade covers that are shaped like palm leaves. These slip over your current traditional fan blades to create a quick island look anywhere in your home. This is normally the cheapest route to go to get the palm ceiling fan look into your design.

palm leaf celing fan blade coversWhere To Use Palm Leaf Ceiling Fans

You can create a tropical style in any room with the use of any one of these types. They are excellent  for tying together an island-living themed room, whether an indoor library or an outdoor roofed patio. These fans do go well with other home styles too. Their simplicity in design makes a nice twist to an ultra modern home or any room featuring a safari chic theme. 

Because of the ease of use of the palm leaf blade covers mentioned above, you can really play with your design. Any room that currently has a fan can now do double duty for a time as a tropical ceiling fan. You can temporarily transform your home for a party or for the summer season, and then reverse back afterwards. They can really be a lot of fun.

Palm Leaf Ceiling Fan Prices

You'll find palm leaf ceiling fans on the market for between $150 to $350. You can find sets of palm leaf ceiling fan blades (five in a set) for between $50 and $100. And palm leaf fan blade covers will run you around $100 to $150 for a set of five.

Whatever style you buy, your palm leaf ceiling fans are sure to enhance your home's style. These are excellent island ceiling fans that are sure to impress.