The Palm Pre is a revolutionary touchstone phone running on Palm's Web OS.

Not only is the operating system revolutionary, the slide out gel keyboard and one of the charging accessories is also amazing.

Previously, all chargers had to be plugged into the phone in order to charge, but not with the Palm Pre. For the launch of the Palm Pre (June 6th 2009 in the US, August 27th in Canada), Palm has released a conductive charger that is called the Touchstone.

Palm PreTouchstone KitHow does the Touchstone Work?

The Palm Pre Touchstone is the world's first wireless charger. In order to use it you need to change the battery cover on your phone, then when the phone is placed against the Touchstone docking station the phone magnetically attaches. It then charges the battery on your phone using magnetic induction charging!

Why is the Touchstone Cool?

One of the really cool features about the Touchstone is if your battery starts to die, and you are in mid conversation, you can just place your Palm Pre down on the Touchstone, and it will automatically turn your phone onto speaker phone mode so you can finish your conversation while your phone is charging. If you want to use your Palm Pre as an alarm clock, place the Touchstone on your bed side table, since the Touchstone is tilted it will allow you to see the clock on your Palm Pre's screen and taking away the need for having a big bulky alarm clock.

Does the Touchstone come with the Palm Pre?

No, unfortunately the Touchstone is sold seperately from the Palm Pre. In the United States it typically retails for about $69.99 for the battery cover and the Touchstone dock. In Canada it retails for $79.99. One thing you should be aware of is when you open your Touchstone kit up you will notice a new battery cover and the Touchstone dock itself. The kit doesn't come with an additional USB cable, so you will be forced to either use the USB cable you normally use with your house charger or buy an aditional USB cable if you want to have access to numerous chargers.

Do I have to use the Matte Finish Battery Cover to use the Touchstone?

Unfortunately you do require the matte finished battery cover in order to use the Touchstone, this is because the Touchstone backing is made of a metal that can conduct the energy into the battery. I personally think the matte finish is nicer and have no complaints!

All in all, I would have to say I'm very satisfied with my Palm Pre Touchstone. If you are a true cell phone lover and gadget head you will definitely find yourself picking one up!