Palmarosa Essential Oil - Health Benefits, Uses and Properties

Palmarosa essential oil is another item in a long list of essential oils and plant extracts commonly used in therapy and unconventional medicine today. It is fast becoming popular today as a medicinal and therapeutic hybrid. Palmoarosa essential oil was originally known as Turkish geranium oil as Constantinople was a distribution center for Indian palmarosa oil to be shipped to Bulgaria in adulteration of rose oil. It is commonly mistaken for or associated with rose oil or rose geranium oil, hence the adulteration.

Herbal medicine has its way of squeezing out both the beneficial uses of plants and the ingenuity of the people to make use of these. Whether it is for the improvement of appearance or as a cure for some common ailments, humanity has come up with means to become healthier while staying on the green path. Palmarosa essential oil is always able to sustain a healthy lifestyle among those who enjoy its benefits. Like other essential oils, it is versatile and, of course, all natural.

The palmarosa plant

Steam distillation extracts the oil from Cymbopogon martini, the scientific name of the source of palmarosa essential oil. It grows in the wild, and spawns 'terminal' flowers and grassy leaves. It is endemic to the Indian subcontinent; thus it is one of the notable plants in Indian herbal medicine. Palmarosa plant parts commonly used are flowers and dried leaves. It smells like rose oil, thus the name 'Palmarosa'.

How is palmarosa oil used?

Palmarosa essential oil acts in numerous aspects of health: some of which are antiseptic, germ- and virus-killing, digestive, and cell regenerating. It is known for its protective abilities; it prevents infection in open wounds by stopping bacteria and viruses from penetrating the exposed flesh. If the pathogen is already languishing inside the human host's body, palmarosa essential oil inhibits growth and distribution of germs, and ultimately kills these.

The skin is another specialty of palmarosa essential oil. The oil functions as a moisturizer and works well with dry, cracked skin. It rejuvenates the skin through regulating hydration levels, makes skin more elastic, reduces inflammation caused by acne and cures a myriad of skin problems like athlete's foot and dermatitis. Oil secreted by the sebaceous glands of the skin is regulated by the essence. It is effective in replenishing dead skin cells; thus the skin becomes fresher and makes the primary bodily defense stronger.

In aromatherapy, palmarosa essential oil normalizes both the nervous system and heart levels. It is used when palpitations, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and restlessness arise. It calms the stress-induced mind and help in the stimulation of thinking. It relaxes the weary body through loosening of stiff muscles caused by overwork. It is a traditional medicine for fever in India. When a room is filled by the aroma of palmarosa essential oil, not only it soothes the tired but also it acts as a purifier. It is extensively utilized in perfumery.

Testimonials from both aromatherapy practitioners and regular users praise palmarosa essential oil for its mild scent. Sometimes it can be a better substitute for rose geranium although the mixing of both oils can also be effective. Perfume-makers regularly highlight the oil's ability to be mixed well with other essential oils such as lavender oil and cedarwood oil. Its scent varies while inside the bottle as compared to being used away from the packaging.

Some precautions before usage

Before using the oil, make sure contact with a physician is made especially when one is pregnant. Test the oil in small dabs to see if any allergic reaction occurs.

How can I get some?

Commercial uses for palmarosa essential oil are concentrated on the oil extract itself and in therapeutic soaps, lotions and creams. A 1/6 oz. starter bottle of palmarosa essential oil is worth around $5.44 – which is the price from New Directions Aromatics, an online supplier of essential oils and other therapeutic products. Contact with producers from India or Pakistan is important of one is determined to get the best deal available. The oil can be sold in separate bottles or wholesale.


Natural essences like palmarosa essential oil are able to contribute to the wellness of many. It is being valued for its therapeutic effects; therefore it has gained a sizeable following among the health-conscious. As aromatherapy – and other types of alternative therapy as well – expands its reaches and makes use of more plants to satisfy a growing demand and therefore reach its benefits to a larger population, the importance of palmarosa essential oil shall also be made more distinct and thus be utilized more effectively in the years to come.