Taking a bath is not just for basic "clean up" anymore-A good soak can also soothe your spirits, ease your mind and perk up your skin (just like a spa, but far less expensive!).

Here's how to have an expensive luxury-with inexpensive ingredients:

Mud-When you feel tired and your face looks puffy or drawn, take a bath in this; mud shrinks as it hardens, stimulating your circulation. It also soothes strained and tired muscles.

Dilute commercially prepared facial mud with water until it's creamy. Then slather over your entire body and let it dry until you feel a tightening sensation, about 10 minutes.

Then, climb into the tub and wash it off.

Epsom Salt-This will stimulate circulation, promote healthier-looking skin, and perk you up from the "blahs".

Measure out one-fourth cup of Epsom salt and pour about one-third of it when you turn on your shower. After turning the water a few minutes, put in another third.

A few minutes later, pour in the rest.

Stay in the tub about 10 minutes and then shower to remove the salt.

A European Body Wrap will open your pores and make your skin extremely soft.

First, close your bathroom door to keep the steam in, then fill the tub with hot water and pour in a small bottle of baby oil (The oil will float to the top).

Get in the tub, rub the oil into your skin and then soak for at least 10 minutes.

Shower without soap so that the oil will stay on your body. Then smooth a moisturizer over your entire body.

Next, wrap yourself in wide gauze, cheesecloth or plastic wrap.

Stay in the bathroom with the door closed for 15 minutes.

Because of the heat and steam, you'll feel like you're in a spa.

Afterward, unwrap yourself, then shower. Your skin will feel incredibly baby-soft.

A classic milk bath

Milk-The classic milk bath is always soothing-and you'll smell so fresh and wholesome!

Pour a a quart of milk into your bathtub then soak for about 10 minutes. Rinse the milk off afterward with a lukewarm shower.

Jello-For a soothing and skin-softening experience, swish a package of Jello into a tub of lukewarm water; Stay in the tub about 10 minutes. You'll have silky-smooth skin-and you can play with the Jello as it gels!

A Citrus bath is a great option for when you want to feel refreshed and smell wonderful.

Squeeze six oranges into a tub of water.

Get in the tub, sit back and relax for 10 minutes (or wash up!).