The French have always been ahead in fashion and haute couture. They are adept at transforming the dullest fabric to the greatest design. Not only do they lead in fashions and designs, French are also adept at giving a contemporary look to the most traditional items like linens. French linens are sophisticated, colorful, and often amusing in woven jacquard, stripes, and amazing prints.

When we talk about French gifts, we are instantly reminded of their attractive designs in tablecloths and runners. The elegant style and touch of the French linen fabric brings a bright note to your table and, at the same time, retains the ultra-modern look. The popular ones are Jacquard linens, which feature classic French designs. Their gentle variation of colors and rustic appearance give a subtle European-inspired look to your decor.

French-made runners and tablecloths with matching napkins come in a wide range of vibrant colors, fantastic patterns, and appealing shapes and sizes. The specialty of French fabrics is that they drape finely and give a fabulous appearance to the table.

Tea towels have a special tradition in France. As with so many other mundane items, the ingenious French have raised kitchen towels to an art form. These towels appear as if many aspects of French history, geography and culture are being represented in these towels. These towels make very good French gifts and can be used to wrap and present a wine bottle. French towels make ideal companions to kitchen walls, for drying dishes or laying a picnic basket.

The best thing about French linens is that they are resistant to stains and spills. You can sip your wine or help yourself with a generous serving of sauce without worrying about dripping it on the tablecloth and leaving a permanent stain. You can also bring your toddlers to the table and let them feel the French touch.

Placemats in linens also make very fine French gifts. French linen placemats can serve two purposes, to place on table or use as napkins. These placemats can brighten any kitchen or dining room table. French knot placemats are 100% cotton and machine washable. French placemats come in butterfly, dragonfly, dandelion and ribbons designs.

French linens follow certain elements as motifs and serve as ideal gifts this holiday season.