The Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl is made of a heavy-duty tempered glass. Because it is made so durable, you can use the Batter Bowl in the oven and microwave, as well as for mixing. It comes with a plastic lid so you can store and refrigerate food in it, so it is eco-friendly and wallet friendly. It does not need plastic wrap or foil on top.

If you are a baker, this is the bowl for you. It has markings on the side in both metric and cups etched on, so it can never wear off. It has an eight cup/two quart capacity and is very deep. If you ever baked with small children like I have, you know that mixing in a large, shallow bowl leads to flour and sugar and batter everywhere! The Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl is deep, so accidental spillage is kept to a bare minimum.

Because the Pampered Chef Batter Bowl's lid is also microwave safe, you can cook in it without burning yourself.

Think about it…have you ever covered a bowl in plastic, placed it in the microwave and then try to remove the plastic without burning yourself? The Batter Bowl's plastic lid prevents those steam burns. Just use an oven mitt to carefully remove the microwave able lid.

One of my favorite microwave uses for the Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl is to boil potatoes. Why use the stove if you do not have to? Simply drain in a colander when the potatoes are done to rinse away excess starch. I also use the Batter Bowl to soften up and partially cook vegetables for beef stew before adding them to the crock pot.

Since it is oven safe to 350 degrees, bakers can also use this Batter Bowl to bake cakes. Some of the popular cakes to make in the Batter Bowl are :

The Barbie cake (just do not bake Barbie with the cake, add her after it has been cooled!)

Princess cakePampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl

The baseball cap cake

Football cake

Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head cake

Ladybug cake

Flower Pot


Graduation motor board

Action Figure cake (place the action figure on the outside climbing up the hill)

Watermelon Cake

Why buy an expensive store-bought cake when all you need is the Batter Bowl, some frosting and your imagination?

Best of all, the Pampered Chef Batter Bowl and lid are both dishwasher safe.



Because it is white, the lid to the Pampered Chef Batter Bowl can turn colors on the inside. Mine is a bit orange due to my cooking sweet potatoes and carrots with the lid on in the microwave.

Full Review


The Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl is a must product have for every kitchen. I personally use mine every day. In fact, I own two of them, as well as the Small Batter Bowl because I am in the kitchen so much!


In Closing


If you are a baker or a cook, I cannot see having on one Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl. Along with my Small Pampered Chef Batter Bowl, mine see use each and every day. When I am baking, I use one bowl at a time instead of washing it out and using it again. Then all of my baking tools go right into the dishwasher.