A pamphlet holder is used to hold pamphlets to make the workplace or house organized and clean. Pamphlet holders or leaflet racks are perfect for this endeavor especially for people who collect pamphlets, leaflets,magazines and other print materials. This is also very helpful for people who run commercial businesses wherein they use pamphlets for product promotion and the like. A pamphlet holder can be used in their office to hold in pamphlets that will be picked and read by customers and visitors.

A pamphlet holder holds and organizes pamphlets and other print materials of the same size.A pamphlet is an unbound booklet that appears with no hard cover or any binding. It usually consists of a single paper with prints in the front and back and is folded in half, in thirds or in fourths depending on the type and purpose of production. It can also be made in a simple book that is stapled for the purpose of promotion, information dissemination and other commercial intentions.
Pamphlets are used as tools for mass marketing or small scale community communication.These are used as a tool of communication for people who want to reach the public but do not have enough resources to advertise in television, radios, the Internet, in newspapers, telephone directories, classified ads and periodicals. Pamphlets can be produced without needing so much money that is why it is considered more convenient. It is inexpensive to produce making it an effective tool for direct marketing and media related initiatives. Desktop publishing systems have intensified its widespread use and the mass acceptance to the material.

Pamphlets are used to disseminate information to a small community. Most people use it for the following purposes: to mobilize people in supporting a cause or project, to advertise an event like meetings, shows, seminars and the like, to popularize lines, stalemates, slogans and message contents, to explain an issue to the small community, let people know of their rights and responsibilities or to win support from the people for a certain campaign or your organization’s mission and vision.

This print material is very helpful and effective in areas that have less or no access to newspapers, radio and the internet. It can be expensive if it entails a widespread distribution where there are no supplements from other forms of media as in the case of far rural areas.However, producing a pamphlet should be well planned. It is important that a target audience is identified and the message to be conveyed is clear and decided. It is also important that thepamphlet’s layout is attractive enough to draw the attention of people and make them really read the contents.
Compared to higher forms of print materials like posters, streamers and tarpaulins, pamphlets
are relatively cheaper to produce because the size of the pamphlet is rather small. What makes it even cheaper is that you can just photocopy one clear copy to cut costs. However, to make pamphlets really effective, you also must distribute them properly to the public.

The use of pamphlet holders has become famous for the purpose of displaying pamphlets with a wall mount, countertop, floor stand, single pocket or multi-pocket. It comes in those types of holding structures. Because you have spent a lot of time, money and effort in designing and producing your pamphlets, you can put it into good use by using pamphlet holders in wood,acrylic or metal to hold the material. This way you will be able to increase brand awareness of products, services and initiatives your company or organization offers.

Pamphlet holders are perfect in organizing your corporate literature as in pamphlets. It makes it easier for people to get information regarding your services, products and programs if you have your pamphlets organized in place. Pamphlet holders come in standard sizes and some even have sign frames. You can also customize your pamphlet holder by adding personal touch to the design to exhibit your company identity.

Where to buy pamphlet holders?

You can purchase pamphlet holders in school and office supplies. For reference, you can have them at Brochure holders now for $1.72 each if you buy 1 to 58 pieces. The price decreases as the quantity of purchase increases. These pamphlet holders come in different sizes and styles. YouTube have to choose one that fits the pamphlet that you designed.