PanadolI believe that too many people get a little twinge in their back or neck and automatically reach for a pain killer. Instead we should put the kettle on and make a fresh cup of tea, then sit down relax and enjoy a little peace and quiet. More often than not the pain or headache will disappear. Tension or nerves can often bring on a headache. By reducing the intake of pain killers for mild pain, it will lessen the risk of our bodies becoming immune to the medication and having to up the dosage.

We need to learn the warning signs our body gives us. Migraine sufferers will quite often experience zigzag lines in their eyes or may have blurred vision, and know instantly that they will have a migraine. If you suffer from bad migraines then take a Panadol at the first onset and lay down. Most times this will ward them off, without the use of taking heavier dose pain killers.

Backache sufferers

Severe backache pain is hard to deal with. The longer you have suffered these pains the better you are able to cope with them. Some people learn to handle pain better, and can eventually tolerate a higher pain level than a younger first time back injury sufferer. (This is my personal opinion only as my husband I have had back problems for forty plus years and know what it feels like). Even my husband's chiropractor cringes when he goes to see him as there is not much he can do to ease his pain. Although without the chiropractors that have treated him, we know, he would not be walking today.

Regular Panadol

This helps in the relief of headaches, period pain, flu symptoms, muscular aches, backaches and even toothache. It also helps to reduce a person's fever. Many women breast feeding their babies rely on Panadol. If you have a sensitive stomach then this is also a safer choice of pain relief. Panadol comes in many forms here are a few of these:

· Caplets- Film coated shaped for easier swallowing

· Mini Caps – smaller with smooth gelatin coating

· Tablets- film coated with rounded edges and not bitter taste

· Rapid Soluble- Lemon flavored effervescent tablet for fast pain relief

· Panadol Gel caps- Smooth gelatin coated designed to slip down easy.

Many people suffer with back pain from back injuries, and arthritis. Some are given prescriptions for years to take Voltarin. We have taken these on and off for many years. While traveling we went to another doctor, when I asked for a prescription for Voltarin he refused to write a script.

He said that at his practice he would not offer anyone that medication. He believed that it caused too many problems, like ulcers with previous patients.

He offered me a prescription for

Panadol Osteo

After doing a bit of research I found this to be less intrusive to my system.

Panadol Osteo is made up of two layers. One releases immediately within ten to sixty minutes after swallowing the tablet, offering you quick relief. The other releases slower, this gives you relief from pain for up to eight hours.

By taking the tablet three times a day it makes it more suitable for the relief of osteoarthritis pain for long term relief. It contains Paracetamal and is listed on the PBS for the relief of persistent osteoarthritis pain. Use this medication as directed and always consult your pharmacy or doctor for professional advice if pain persists.

New Panadol caplets with Optizorb

These caplets break down within 7 minutes which is absorbed 25% faster than other panadol tablets. They are effective with pain and gentle on your stomach.


Whatever medication you take, be aware of the side effects. Read the labels carefully and ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain any queries you have, so you know what you are given and the effects it can cause you. Especially if taken in conjunction with other medications.

We all need to look after our health and do the right thing to care for our bodies.