Shaving can sometimes be time consuming. If you travel a lot, or if you're not at home very often then it can be difficult to get that nice smooth shave that you desire. Panasonic electric shavers are quality products for men, to help ensure a good shave without the irritation that comes from razor blades. Most panasonic cordless electric shavers for men are available in wet and dry, and they're foil blades. Wet and dry blades allow you to shave while in the shower or in other wet places. Wet and dry electric blades allow you to use shaving cream, which helps protect the skin from nicks and razor irritation. It's easier to get a smoother shave using moisture on your face. Facial lotions and warm water help to soften the skin tissue, and spring up hair whisker's giving you a smoother shave. Panasonic cordless electric shavers feature nanotech blades that provides a sharper blade at a 30 degree angle. Standard blades cut at a 45-90 degree angles.

Panasonic Cordless Electric Razor Products

There are a variety of different panasonic cordless electric razor products to buy online, or at local stores. Panasonic products can be pretty expensive, but there are some cheaper product models to shop for online as well. If you're looking for panasonic electric shavers under $100 dollars, then you should shop for the Pro-Curve and Sonic-2 electric shaving razors. They are cheap but still decent shavers. Some of the Pro-Curve and Sonic-2 products don't feature the nanotech blades like most Arch IV and Vortex electric shavers. So you might not get a closer and smoother shave like the Arch IV and Vortex products.

Although the Pro-Curve triple blade not only comes with three blades, but comes with nanotech blades providing a smooth shave for under $100. I like the pivoting head featured on the Pro-Curve triple head, which allows you to adjust the blades up, down, back, and forth while shaving. For me personally, I always look for flexible, or adjustable blades that move according to your shaving stroke on your face. Rotator heads provide an easier shave for those difficult spots on your face. The Pro-Curve Linear pivot razors also come with nanotech blades, but they cost over $100 dollars.

When you buy an electric razor you want to make sure you're not purchasing dull blades. Read online reviews of the products you're buying. Dull blades lead to nicks, cuts, and razor burns. Sharper blades provide precise cuts and gives you that smooth shave that you're looking for with less irritation. Panasonic cordless electric shavers come with rechargeable batters and chargers. Panasonic electric shavers usually need to be charged for a few hours before using.

  • Arch IV Shaver
  • Pro-Curve
  • Sonic-2
  • Vortex

A few Panasonic Cordless Electric Shavers for Cheap Prices Online

Panasonic Pro-Curve Triple blade - The triple blade is a nice feature to have on electric blazers. It allows you to get a thorough and a deep shave. If you're looking for a cheap and effective cordless electric shaving product for sensitive skin, then this is a recommended electric shaver to buy. Panasonic shavers are hypo allergenic and features a floating head. It also features a pop trimmer for neck hairs and sideburns. It's a wet dry shaver, which allows you to use shaving cream and water while getting a comfortable shave. It's a cheap but quality product that you can buy online at amazon, target, and Sam's club. Prices go for about $50 dollars at these places.

Panasonic ES-LA93-L Vortex Men's Shaver - Okay, this isn't exactly a cheap electric shaver, but its arguably the highest quality panasonic cordless electric shaver for men out on the market. It's a four-headed electric blade that features a vortex cleaning system, and comes with a high speed linear motor. It's a flexible blade, that moves according to your facial structure as you shave. It features a ultra-thin vibration outer foil to ensure a very close and smooth shave. If the price is within your range, then you'll definitely be getting a high quality and lasting cordless electric shaver. It's a wet or dry shaver. So you can use this highly featured electric shaver in the shower, or apply water to your face while shaving. Retail prices go for $400 dollars. Yeah, not exactly cheap. It's going for a real cheap price at amazon though, for just around $250 dollars. So there are some good sales going online for this high quality panasonic vortex electric shaver. This might be one of the best electric shavers you'll ever buy. It's panasonic's best product, but also their most expensive one.

Panasonic ES8249S Arc IV Nanotech Vortex Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver - It's much cheaper than the ES-LA93-L but also has some of the similar features. It comes with 4 sharp nanotech blades that cut at a 30 degree angle, with arc foils. Contains a 1 hour charge, along with a 5 minute emergency charge option. If all of a sudden have a hot date, then you can get this bad boy charged quick enough to give you a quick and smooth shave. It's a pivoting head razor blade that comes with a hydraclean automatic system. It's a wet or dry cordless electric shaver that you can buy online at amazon,,, and J&R music and computer works. Prices are around $150 dollars at these online stores.