Panasonic DMC-GF5 - Best Digital Camera from Panasonic Yet?

Every time you buy the latest gadgets like a digital camera, you will discover that it is no longer the latest in just a few months. For those who are used to the Panasonic Lumix range, there is a new kid on the block. It is called the Panasonic DMC – GF5.  This is a rather sexy device with its interchangeable lens. It is a compact digital camera that will be easy to carry around for those who enjoy taking photos wherever they go. There is a lot to appreciate about this digital camera from Panasonic and here are a few:


The camera comes with a 12.1 megapixel sensor. For those who might be expecting a CCD image sensor you will be disappointed because this camera only comes with a CMOS image sensor. A lot of tests have been done about which provides better quality but the results have been often not conclusive. It is true that the CCD image sensor is a newer version but it doesn't mean you will get better quality photography and video recording.

The Panasonic DMC – G5 also a a faster camera that will be able to shoot at 4 frames per second. That is impressive but it is not essential for the average photographer. You get the standard LCD screen that is 3 inches wide. One feature that some will appreciate is that it also comes with a touch control where you are able to get closer to the image by just touching the LCD screen. That is not to say that the camera only offers a touch screen as you also have the standard buttons menu for easy navigation.

The ISO range is rather large at 12800 and can be set to a minimum of 160. This will definitely give you better quality when taking pictures in lowlight settings. It also comes equipped with full high definition video recording features at 1080p.

For beginners who want a great digital camera, the manufacturers of this product have also taken the time to give you some presets that will allow you to get better pictures from your appliance. This comes in the form of scene guide that will allow you to visualize photographs already taken by professionals. The aim is to give you presets that will allow you to take pictures in similar settings just like professionals. This looks like a point-and-shoot camera but some have said that it is more like a bridge camera that will give you the quality of a digital single lens reflex (DSLR). Most reviewers keep comparing the DMC-GF5 to the DMC-GF3. The consensus is that the newer DMC-GF5 comes with some features that some might appreciate but is not a huge step forward.


This is not the cheapest digital camera available but it is also not for those who are happy with their hundred dollars device. Because you will be getting a decent camera with 14 – 42 mm lens, it will cost you almost $600. For those who know a thing or two about photography, that is a reasonable price for a camera that will get you closer to DSLR.

To buy or not to buy

There are two ways to approach the new Panasonic DMC – GF5, you can opt to buy the cheaper GF3 and get similar features. On the other hand, you can get your hands on the new work version if you have been thinking about buying a compact digital camera for a while.