Comparison Review: ES8109S or ES8243A

The following comparison account -- ES8109S Vs ES8243A --  will contrast the two Panasonic shavers (i. ES8109S & ii. ES8243A) with a feature by feature breakdown, highlighting both their differences (as well as their similarities) amongst aspects & specifications. This will in turn, provide you with a clear objective overview as to what both shavers can offer you -- from which you will gain a much better idea & clearer understanding as to which model to buy -- due to you knowing which model best caters for your shaving needs & preferences (along with consideration of 'the value for money' aspect).

Fitted Technology

ES8243A: 4 Blades | Linear Motor - 13,000 rpm | Flexi Pivot Head

ES8109S: 3 Blades | Linear Motor - 13,000 rpm | Flexi Pivot Head

In this regard both models are similar given they operate on a fast linear motor (performing up to 13,000 rpm) ensuring a fast & minimal discomfort shave as well as a flexi pivot head -- whereby each cutting element alters independently from one another --(right to left - 20 degrees, back and forth 25 degrees) so you gain a more optimal and close cutting shave (particularly useful and getting the hard to reach facial areas - such as under the chin). The difference comes in the fact that the ES8243A comes with an extra fourth finishing blade -- this improves upon an already very good shave (with the ES8109S) by providing a less pressured shave (due to the shaving area being expanded) as well as a more efficient shave (i.e less strokes & more hairs cut).

Panasonic ES8243A Men's 4-Blade Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver
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(price as of Dec 4, 2013)

Shaving Performance & Features

ES8243A: 30 Degree Nanotech blades | Hypoallergenic foil | Arc & Slit foil | Trimmer

ES8109S: 30 Degree Nanotech blades | Hypoallergenic foil | Arc & Slit Foil | Trimmer

The blades have been curved on a natural 30 degree angle to nestle into your face -- allowing for a skin close shave and have been implemented with nanotechnology to ensure they are constantly ultra sharp. The material is from a hypoallergenic foil -- which is proven to reduce skin inflammation naturally & through being an effective cutting material. Moreover, both shavers come with a slit foil to ensure they cut through even the thickest and longest beards, but yet still produce a uniform overall finish as well as a pop up trimmer for those who want to groom and detail facial hair (side burns, mustaches, goatees etc.).

Practical Specifications

ES8243A: Wet & Dry Shaving | Sonic Washable - Turbo|

ES8109S: Wet & Dry Shaving | Sonic Washable - Turbo | Auto Cleaning Docking Station

With the shavers being 100% waterproof -- this means you can either shave dry or wet (in the shower etc.) which ever best suits your preference, moreover it also means they are incredibly easy to clean -- remove the shaver head and rinse under the tap and press the turbo clean button and you are good.

The ES8109S does also come with a vortex docking station as well however, keeping your shaver hygenic & clean for every shave. It acts to charge, lubricate, intensively (hydra) clean (alcohol free detergent -- acting to remove debris) and dry your razor -- so it is like new & optimal every time you use it.

Battery Details - Lithium Ion (rechargeable)

ES8243A: Charge - 1 Hour | Run Time - 45 minutes | Display - 10 Stage LCD

ES8109S: Charge - 1 Hour | Run Time - 45 minutes | Display -  10 Stage LCD

Both the Panasonic shavers utilise the same lit-ion battery that offers you a 45 min run time -- requiring just 60 minutes for it to charge from dead to full. The razors also feature a 10 level LCD indicator for you to gauge the condition of the battery and when it is potentially due a recharge. 

Further Information


The ES8243A & ES8109s both come with a 1 year warranty coverage scheme (to fix any possible defects) as well as money back guarantee scheme if you are unsatisfied with either of the shavers in anyway.

Dimensions & Weight | Finish

ES8243A: 6.3 x 2.4 x 1.8 inches, 6.2 ounces | Color: Blue/Silver

ES8109S: 2.6 x 6.3 x 1.7 inches, 6.1 ounces | Color: Silver/Black

Accessories & Attachments -- What's in the Box?

ES8234A or ES8109s shaver,  travel pouch & universal adapter. The ES8109S also of course comes with the cleaning docking station.

Average Review Rating (sourced

ES8243A: 4.4 out of 5 (88%) from 1,200 + reviews.

ES8109S: 4.3 out of 5 (86%) from 600 + reviews.

Conclusion: Should You Buy the ES8109S or ES8243A?

For me, although the Vortex cleaning station is a decent mechansim to come with a shaver, it is certainly not worth an extra $100 + (in comparison to the ES8103S, which is essentially the same shaver as the ES8109S) described above -- when a simple clean and wipe will do a sufficient job (however, it may appeal to you, if you things ultra clean -- which I can appreciate. So for me given the fact the ES8243A is far cheaper and will actually provide you with a better shave (due to the fourth blade) -- from these two models I'd defintiely go for that.

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