Monitoring Your Vitals at Home is Simple

It is extremely important for individuals have their own blood pressure occasionally check because high blood pressure may lead to a life-threatening condition that hardly reveals any symptoms at all.  You can easily do it having your own blood pressure monitor at home.  There should be some different portable ones to choose from at either a pharmacy store or a department store and buy one for you.    [1]

Blood Pressure Monitor from Panasonic

Panasonic EW 3109W Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor happens to be the first ever portable arm unit in the industry.  It is praised as one that is very easy to use.  The unit inflates the cuff automatically, which enables it to have accurate measures.  An C-shaped spring is embedded on the cuff to make it easy to outfit it on your arm without getting assistance from someone. Pressing the start button, which is quite conspicuous by being a good size with a vibrant yellow background on it, once will get the machine to start inflating.   [2 - 3]

High Blood Pressure

A unique feature of Panasonic EW 3109W Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is its design to emit a warning for hypertension or excessive readings indicating high blood pressure by flashing a light.  The structure of the device is baton-style that makes it portable.  The dimensions of the digital readout element are 8 x 2 x 2 inches.  [3 - 4]

Comes with the Product

The monitor is packaged with a carrying pouch and 4 AA batteries for in-the-box power.  An AC adapter and an extra-large cuff - fits up to 17” - are also available to be bought separately. Moreover, it comes with a 2-year warranty.  [2]

Digital Filter Technology

Panasonic EW 3109W Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is equipped with Panasonic’s digital filter technology.  It has sensors that seclude and discern just the integral pulse oscillation and leave out noises that might interfere with the accuracy of the measurements.  The product also has the capability to store up to 90 readings.  All the data can be used to track if a trend is being generated and to figure out the average reading.  [4]

Good Reviews

People that have bought the model said it is very serene while it is in operation.  It is also getting good reviews because of the unordinary cuff design, which one is able to slide over an arm without much force.  It is also important for any cuffs being used is comfortable, which it is despite the unique design. [4]