The Panasonic Link-to-Cell Bluetooth cordless phone system lets you pair up to two cell phones via Bluetooth giving you the ability to answer your cell phones at home on a full-size handset. With up to six cordless phones linked together, you never have to run from one corner of the house to another looking for your cell phone when a call arrives. It could be that you live in a remote location where you receive poor cell phone service inside the house. Using the Panasonic Link-to-Cell Bluetooth cordless phones you can place your cell phone in the house where you get the best cell signal and use the Panasonic handsets to make and receive calls from anywhere around the house.

The Link-to-Cell Bluetooth cordless phone system uses the DECT 6.0 Plus technology which allows for greater distances between the phones and the base units. Some have reported moving more than 100 feet away from a base station without dropping a call. Because it is a digital signal from the base unit to the phones, your Bluetooth cordless phone conversations are encrypted keeping your communication private.

While the main feature of these Bluetooth cordless phones is the fact that you can pair up to two cell phones to the system, they are still regular home phones which can be used with home or VoIP phone service. Therefore you can have three separate phones ringing into these Bluetooth cordless phones: two cell phones and one wired phone. You can choose different ringtones to alert you as to which cell phone is ringing or if it is the home phone receiving a call.

Panasonic Link-to-Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone


Silent Mode: Program each handset with times that you will allow calls to ring that particular phone. For example, if you have a handset that stays in your bedroom you can program it to not ring at night and during your customary nap time. The other phones in the house will ring like normal.

Itelligent ECO Mode: When a phone is near a base station, it will lower its power consumption to communicate with the station therefore saving batteries and necessary charging.

Battery Life: Up to 9 hours of talk time and 8 days of standby.

Talking Caller ID: The unit will audibly announce the caller's name.

Call Block: Using the caller ID you can choose which phone calls you will receive at home. Once it is programmed the Bluetooth cordless phones send a busy signal to the caller.

Conference Calling: Up to 3-way conference calling.

Bluetooth Communication: Beyond transferring the audio back and forth to your cell phones, the Panasonic Bluetooth cordless phone system can transfer your contact lists too. You are able to transfer the phone books from each of your cell phones into the handsets so that you can have quick access to all the phone numbers in your cell phone without having to carry your phone around the house to look up a number.

Wall or Desk Mounting: These units can be wall mounted or placed on a desk. The base station has a full keypad, but the charging units are smaller and take up much less space. They can easily be mounted on a wall or sit in a corner of the kitchen without using precious counter space.
The Panasonic Link-to-Cell Bluetooth cordless phone system includes Panasonic's proprietary Range Extender. This allows you to boost the signal from the base unit out to the individual handsets. While this is normally an extra purchase with other Panasonic phone systems, they have included this in the Link-to-Cell package.

If you are in the market for a Bluetooth cordless phone for your home or small office, you are sure to enjoy the Panasonic Link-to-Cell system. As of this writing there are more than 60 customer reviews at Amazon for this product. This Bluetooth cordless phone system is rated at 4.5 out of 5 stars.