When we were looking for a phone system, that would work for our house, office and shop, we thought we would have to spend hundreds in upgrades from the local phone company. But when we found the Panasonic phone system, we were impressed and thought we would give it a try.

Panasonic Phone System - Purchasepanasonic phone system

We purchased the DECT 6.0 (1.9GHz) with 4 handsets in the group. You plug in the main set or base (this set also comes complete with a digital answering machine, and that is in the main set) at your regular phone station, or wherever your phone outlet is. But the beauty of this Panasonic phone system, is that the other 3 handsets only need electrical outlets for their chargers, rather than a phone line. So these are great sets if you are limited on a house phone line extension. Even if you only have one telephone outlet in your house, you can still have phone extensions in other rooms!

Panasonic Phone System Versus House Construction

In our case we have a separate work shop from the house. It is at least 20 feet away from the house. Our problem with any of these systems up until now, has been the construction of our house. It is constructed with Nudura Insulated Block system. This makes the walls of the house and the shop 11.5 inches thick, with 2.5 inches of Styrofoam on the inside and the outside, complete with loads of rebar and concrete in the center. Can be hard for any signal to get through.

With other brands of phone systems, it has been a challenge to get a phone that would work in the separate shop. Originally when the shop was built a phone line was run to it from the main house, but was some how severed during construction. We would have to bury another phone line, and that would require digging at the side of the house, which now contains all the utility lines. Too dangerous and not worth it. So, you would have to answer the phone and then throw on a coat to get to anyone in the shop. A royal pain!

We tried other brands, but had to return them, as we would lose calls and have a lot of static, until we tried the Panasonic phone system. We were told that the signal would not get the interference the other companies had, and internet and other signals from wireless electronics would not interfere with the Panasonic phone system either.

We took home our DECT 6.0 (1.9 GHz) Panasonic phone system, and set them up, we kept the main base in the kitchen and then put one in the basement office, one on the second floor in my daughters apartment, and one in the outside shop. We then gave them a try for a few days, and we were really impressed.

Panasonic Phone System - Solved 3 Problems

By having this Panasonic phone system, we were able to deal with 3 major problems. We have a basement office without a phone plug, so we could just plug this phone charger in the electrical outlet. It is cordless, and we can walk around the office with no interruptions or problems with clarity.

My daughter has an apartment on the second floor, and like most young people, prefer to use their cell phone, so didn't want a permanent phone. I can use any phone in the house and simply page her up in her apartment if I need to talk to her, without running up 2 sets of stairs and banging on her door. Great, especially if I am in the basement office.

The Panasonic Phone system, gives you the opportunity to name each handset, therefore bringing up the list when you wish to page anyone in the house or outside in the shop.

It also has the ability to transfer a call. You simply put the caller on hold, find the handset you are looking for, such as "shop" and then when they answer you hang up or press talk for a 3 way conversation. There are many features we are just finding out about now, as we use them.

I really like that I can page the other handsets with this Panasonic phone system, as well as having the freedom of cordless handsets.

This system, has saved us a lot of money, and we have had it now for over 6 months, with no problems. It has the call display and I can always tell when the phone is in use. Plus if you leave it lying around somewhere it has a "paging" system so you can find it.

Panasonic Phone System - Pages

When paging other handsets it has a different sounding ring, so you know someone in the house or shop is looking for you. With running our business from home, I am quite often in the basement office, and need to talk to my husband who is out in the separate shop. I just pick up the phone and page "shop" and he is there. I can then relay anything I need to say with regards to business, as I am usually at the computer.

I will even page him for a break, and we meet on the back deck for coffee! I absolutely love this Panasonic Phone system, it is practical, convenient, and compared to the cost of hard wiring the house for a business phone system as well as a personal one, this system is much cheaper

This Panasonic Phone system cost 150.00 dollars and we purchased ours from Future Shop. Well worth the price. There is a built in message system, that you can choose to activate or not, that is up to you. We have a service with our phone line provider that works well for our business, therefore we don't use that feature, so I can't report on that. But all the other systems and features work as well as they said.

With us the problem was the physical materials used to build this house, it actually interferes with cell phones, but not this Panasonic Phone system. It works like a charm.