One of the most superior manufacturers of plasma televisions is Panasonic. This name has been well-known for many years. Just recently Panasonic introduced its newest plasma TV, Panasonic plasma TV model TH-42PW6.

This new product from Panasonic offers impressively stunning display of rich-colored pictures and quality sharp images, not to mention its excellent audio functionalities.

The user of a Panasonic TH-42PW6 can view their favorite shows in great pleasure with its embedded smart screen. The display technology of plasma television has been integrated in these Panasonic Plasma TVs to produce great images on its screen.

Panasonic TH-42PW6 has a screen size of 42 inches which provides a very good display output. You'll enjoy the realistic-look on the pictures and images you'll see on this plasma TV. Panasonic plasma TVs are supported by 1070 millions of colors.

The contrast ratio that ensures the display of clear pictures is 4000:1. While the display resolution of this plasma TV is 852 x 480 pixels with a pitch of 1.08mm. The aspect ratio is 16:9 measured according to its width and height. For its brightness, 650 cd/m2 is the amount applied to achieve the finest results.

Some of the significant features included in this Panasonic Plasma TV are less fan function, silent operating performance, screen-coated anti-reflective layer, picture-in-picture and progressive scanning.

The supported viewing angle of Panasonic Plasma TV is positioned in 160 degrees. You will need a separate receiver for EDTV ready to get its signals. The display formats supported by Panasonic Plasma TV are 480i – SDTV and 480p – EDTV.

It also includes a built-in tuner for PAL which allows user flexibility with a stereo ouput of 2 integrated speakers, each with 8 Watts power output. You will be provided as well with a standard remote control for Panasonic TH-42PW6 plasma TV. The product is user-friendly and quite easy to operate.

The ports are one of the most important features in a plasma television. This feature is the part where the cards are all laid down on the table so to speak. It's the feature that tells you this plasma TV can do more other than just being a TV. Panasonic TH-42PW6 plasma TV has three portals as its rear inputs, a Mini Jack Audio; D-Sub (RGB PC); and an RS-232C.

The dimensional aspects of Panasonic Plasma TV model TH-42PW6 are measured in centimeters. The height measures 61 cm, width 102 cm and depth 8.9 cm. The weight on the other hand is 28.46 kilograms, which allows you to handle the mounting job pretty easily.

Like most plasma TVs, it's more magnificent when it's up against the wall capturing all the attention to be drawn into it. The dominance of a plasma TV is not on its size alone but it's located as well.