Cancer itself is a word that can ring bells in your ears and if it is something like pancreatic cancer then it is more dangerous. The biggest problem that the medical science is facing that there are no early symptoms of pancreatic cancer at its early stage and when they can be spotted, it's too late. Due to the same reason the possible rate of survival from the disease is less than five percent.

The most common reason for any kind of cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells. Pancreatic cancer happens due to the excessive growth of cells in pancreas, these cells do not contribute to the healthy functioning of pancreas, whereas, develop lumps which can further lead to tumor. The tumor will either stay at one place (beginning stage) or will start growing in other parts of the body too which is more dangerous and will have more serious effects on the body and its functioning.

Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms that can raise alarm:

There are no signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer (unlike bladder cancer signs symptoms), unless it leads to the last stages and the treatment is almost not a possibility. The disease is termed as a silent killer in medical terms, as it has almost no early symptoms because the lump (tumor) that is cause is too small to cause any kind of discomfort in the body. The Pancreatic cancer symptom happens when the tumor grows in size. The tumor at its growing stage can cause pin in your upper abdomen, which is a result of the tumor being pushed against the nerves of the abdomen. The cancer can also make your skin go pail yellow and darken the urine, which is also a sing of Jaundice; this would happen if the tumor tries to grow in your liver as well. The patient loses his appetite and vomiting and nausea re the most common complaints. There would be a constant complain of weakness and loss of weight is what this all would lead to. The disease shows its symptoms when it is too late and the symptoms are so common that it becomes difficult for anyone to come to a conclusion.

The pancreatic cancer signs symptoms are various but the problem remains the same that they are hard to find in the early stage. The cancer will lead to clotting of blood in the blood vessels, veins of legs and arms and so on. The patient might suffer from depression even before the cancer is diagnosed. The next stage is where the cancer starts to spread in the other parts of the body too, which would depend on the areas affected. Dizziness, diarrhea and muscle spasms are also some of the most commonly seen symptoms of pancreatic cancer.

Reason for its occurrence:

The Pancreatic cancer has no early symptoms as well as it has not yet been known the reason for the unusual growth of cells in the pancreatic, although there are certain things and reasons which may lead to the same. It is always important to remember at all time that pancreatic cancer symptoms early can not be detected and by the time they are it's usually too late. The most common of all kind of cancers is the family history of the patient. The patient can be born with a low immune toward the unwanted growth of cells, if you have someone in your family suffering from ovarian and breast cancer, pancreatitis, melanoma and lynch syndrome, then you might have a high possibility of suffering from he same.

It has been noticed that almost ten percent of the total population suffering from the pancreatic cancer have a family history of the same. It has also been seen that the disease can be a result of the DNA type that you have, usually the DNA has its own function of correcting and the genes in the body, if the DNA type is not correct the body will not be able to stop the unwanted growth of cells which would lead to excess presence of the cells that are responsible for causing lumps in the body.

Like specific cancers that are common in women, the pancreatic cancer is more common in men rater than women. The biggest risk factor that has been noticed is smoking habits of people which increase the possibilities of cancer in the body. Your eating habits and excess weight are also some factors that need to be taken care off. Low vegetable diets and less exercise will also increase your chances of facing the problem of pancreatic cancer. And if we are talking about all wrongs than saying no to alcohol will also increase your chances of being away from the disease.

The biggest challenge that is being faced by the scientists and doctors are that the Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms can not be detected at early stages. If you do detect any symptoms always check with your doctor so you can get early treatment. There are many numerous treatments available for the many different types of cancer, such as the alternative prostate cancer treatment and alternative treatments for lung cancer, which can some times be beneficial.