What is Pandemic?

Pandemic is an exciting board game where you need to defeat the four diseases on the board by working together to find a cure. Pandemic is a co-operative board game, meaning that instead of playing against each other, players work together to beat the board.

This board game is for 2-5 players and needs around 1 hour playing time. It is suitable for older children and teenagers, depending on their level of understanding. 

How to Play Pandemic

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Everyone starts at Atlanta. From there, they will move around the world trying to find cures and treat diseases. The only way that you can win is by curing all four diseases. However, there are more several ways that you can lose. You will lose the game by running out of cards, running out of cubes (which represent diseases) or having too many outbreaks.

During Pandemic, you will play the role of a medic, dispatcher, supervisor, scientist or the operations expert. Remember, to win the game, you need to have cured all four diseases before the outbreaks reach pandemic level and infect people worldwide. So you have to work together on a strategy.

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What's so Great about Pandemic?

Pandemic is so much fun because it encourages you to work together and strategize. So it is great for getting to know a great of friends better, or encouraging the family to interact on a Sunday afternoon. It is funny how everyone always seems to name the diseases, even though they are just colors! My friends were saying 'yeah, we just cured bird flu!'

Another great aspect of Pandemic is the fact that no game will ever be the same. You can play it over and over because you will get a different role each time, and the way that the diseases spread throughout the world will always be different. If you are a really big fan, you can go for the pandemic extension: 'On the Brink'.

Pandemic Strategy

Each role has unique advantages, and the players should strategize together to use their abilities appropriately. For example, the 'medic' can cure more quickly, and should travel to the disease hotspots on the board. The 'dispatcher' can help other players get to where they need to be, such as to a research station to hand in a cure, or to another player to share knowledge about a disease.

It is always a good idea to build a research centre in Istanbul, because it's central location is acessible. This makes it easy to hand in a cure.

Pandemic Expansion Pack

On the Brink!

Pandemic On The Brink
Amazon Price: $49.95 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 10, 2015)
This exciting Pandemic expansion pack adds new ways of playing, and is a must for any Pandemic fans. There is a new bio-terrorist role for someone to work against all the other players. There is also a new virulent disease strain.