Give Something Special and Unique to Someone You Love

When you give one of the Pandora Charm Bracelets to someone special in your life, you are giving a gift that you can use to mark the milestones in your relationship. I received one of these beautiful pieces of jewelry for Christmas, from my daughter, and I love it. I am looking forward to filling this bracelet with charms that mark “Unforgettable Moments” in our lives.

I already had several charm bracelets: one from my high school days, another from my post high school days, and one that commemorates my adult life. Now, I am excited, once again, to celebrate and remember the treasured times of my life each time one of these lovely beads or jewels are added to my new bracelet.

I was so tickled Christmas morning to see that famous little gift bag under our family tree. Since I knew what my husband and I had bought for our daughter, I assumed that that little treat was going to be for me, and indeed, it was.

Pandora Charm Bracelet
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How My Pandora Charm Bracelet Began

My daughter (bless her sweet heart) began by purchasing the sterling silver bracelet with the Pandora clasp. To this, she added two sterling silver spacers. Next, she bought my first charm – a Santa Claus. I collect everything Santa Claus, so this was the perfect way to begin. She also wanted to get a safety chain, which would have added two more beads, but because of the popularity of their jewelry during the Holidays, they were completely sold out.

After Christmas, we went into the store to make sure the size of my bracelet was correct, and to purchase the safety chain. Since they were on backorder, they took our order, and they said they would call me when the one I wanted was back in stock.

This worked out really good because, the day we went in to have the safety chain put on, they were running a special. If you spent a certain amount, they would give you another sterling silver bracelet with the Pandora clasp FREE. So, my always thinking daughter bought the safety chain for me, and as an early Easter gift to me, a cruise ship charm (one of my favorite things to do). With these two purchases, she had spent enough to get a free bracelet for herself. So now, I’m looking forward to giving her mementos of special times in her life to add to her bracelet.

And a great feature of this product is that the charms just screw on, so there is no added expense to have them attached.

Pandora Bracelet Ideas

For Your Wife – When giving one of these remarkable pieces of jewelry to your wife, you can customize it to celebrate all the highlights of your relationship – from meeting to marriage, to beginning a family, to special times – all of which tell your special lady just how much she means to you.

For Your Mother – After years of giving gifts to your mother, do you feel like you have given her one of everything? Well, after reading this article, you will no longer have to ponder: “What should I give to Mom?” Give her a Pandora charm bracelet! She will love it, and she will look forward to receiving all the lovely beads and jewels you select to commemorate and thank her for all she has done over the years for you. So, whether it is Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, her birthday, and/or Hanukkah or Christmas, you will be able to find the perfect gift that says, “Mom, I love you, and I remember.”

For Your Daughter – You can begin your daughter’s collection of fine jewelry when you give her one of the Pandora charm bracelets. Growing up presents so many special times, and you will be able to commemorate these activities for her by giving her a special bead to add to her bracelet. It will be something she will value, and she will enjoy wearing it for years to come. I look back at mine from high school, and it brings back wonderful memories of special friends and moments in my life.

For Your Sister – Just like giving gifts to your mother, you think you have given everything imaginable to your sister(s). But just like I mentioned, above, these gifts open up a completely new horizon for gift giving.

In fact, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t enjoy having and wearing one of these ‘one of a kind’ custom designed pieces of jewelry.

Pandora Jewelry

My bracelet is made of sterling silver, but they also have ones that are made of gold and ones that are silver and gold. Plus, they have a large selection that is made of other materials, such as macramé and leather. Want another style? No problem! You will find a great selection in their store and on the Pandora website.[1]

While this company is more widely known for its charms and bracelets that is not the only jewelry that they sell. They also have an exciting collection of watches, necklaces, earrings and rings. They have something for everyone.

Pandora Logo Gift Bag
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Pandora Stores

We are very fortunate to have a company store at one of our local malls. As you stroll through the mall, you will see shoppers carrying the company logo bag, and you know someone will be on the receiving end of a fabulous gift. While you might think that mainly the guys in your life purchase them, you see just as many ladies toting these bags. After all, they make a grand gift for moms, daughters, sisters, friends, etc.

Be careful when you shop, and make sure that you only purchase and use Pandora beads and charms on your bracelet, since using look-alikes will void your warranty.

Also, they welcome you to come in anytime, and they will run your bracelet through their cleaning process to brighten it up.

Pandora Catalog
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In Closing

As I said, I love my Pandora charm bracelet, and I enjoy looking through their catalog, “Celebrate the Moment Charms and Bracelets” – anticipating what will be my newest addition.

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